Hot Crowdfunding Campaigns to Support

  • Never Goin' Back
    Comedy, Teen
    Dudes, drugs and an ill advised heist. Just another day in the life of two 16 year old girls.
    Dallas Augustine
    24 days left
    10% funded
  • Across The Tracks
    Drama, Family
    In 1960s GA, a young mixed girl decides to pass for white, a choice that follows her for many years.
    Atlanta Michael
    8 days left
    76% funded
  • Homicide is the leading cause of death during pregnancy. But no one is talking about it. Until now.
    Pennsylvania Tracy
    11 days left
    44% funded
  • The Canary
    History, Thriller
    One gold miner. One mine. One nightmare.
    California Karl
    3 days left
    73% funded
  • Dwight, must travel home to his father, Walter, who is facing early-onset Alzheimer's.
    United States Nick
    4 days left
    57% funded
  • Son of Somerset Files
    Sci-Fi, Transmedia
    After inheriting her grandfather’s UFO research, a young woman documents her investigation.
    Alabama Elizabeth
    24 days left
    9% funded
  • Brazilian Wood
    Drama, Thriller
    One man's relentless pursuit of justice collides with another man's bizarre course of revenge.
    Phoenix Kristin
    8 days left
    51% funded
  • A couple struggling to make ends meet must start from the bottom and help each other get to the top.
    Chicago E.a.
    27 days left
    1% funded

Highly Recommended Films to Watch

  • Trampoline
    Feature, Comedy74 min
    Directed by Tom Ryan

    A coming of age story for anyone who has ever felt lost.

    Feature, Comedy
  • Witches in Exile
    Feature, Documentary79 min
    Directed by Allison Berg

    Following the lives of women accused of witchcraft and banished to witch villages in Northern Ghana.

    Witches in Exile
    Feature, Documentary
    18 250
  • Like the Water
    Feature, Drama74 min
    Directed by Caroline von Kuhn

    A young woman is confronted by the first taste of mortality in the loss of her best childhood friend

    Like the Water
    Feature, Drama
    95 250
  • Elotes
    Short, Drama5 min
    Directed by Victor Hugo Duran

    Two young boys run amok until they witness a robbery that challenges their friendship.

    Short, Drama
    17 100
  • Saigon Electric
    Feature, Drama107 min
    Directed by Stephane Gauger

    A ribbon dancer from the countryside arrives to Saigon and befriends a rebellious street dancer.

    Saigon Electric
    Feature, Drama
  • Lu'bba (Game)
    Short, Drama6 min
    Directed by Saleh Nass

    It's just a game. Every single game.

    Lu'bba (Game)
    Short, Drama
    12 100
  • 5 Weddings and a Felony
    Feature, Comedy76 min
    Directed by Josh Freed

    When all else fails in your love life, film it.
    A Rom-Com Documentary.

    5 Weddings and a Felony
    Feature, Comedy
    46 250
  • Alice Jacobs is Dead
    Short, Horror21 min
    Directed by Alex Horwitz

    WINNER: Best Horror/Suspense Film, 2009 San Diego Comic Con International Film Festival

    Alice Jacobs is Dead
    Short, Horror
    14 100