Hot Crowdfunding Campaigns to Support

  • A son seeks to elevate his father's musical legacy while discovering the man behind the music.
    California K.C.
    27 days 12 hrs left
    16% funded
  • Zone 2
    Horror, Thriller
    Trapped in the bleak underworld of Zone 2, a mother and her disabled son fight for survival.
    Los Angeles Sandra
    5 days 12 hrs left
    87% funded
  • Funeral Day
    Comedy, Drama
    A man skips his friend’s funeral in an attempt to start living his own life to the fullest.
    Los Angeles Jon
    19 days 15 hrs left
    27% funded
  • When your best friend brings out the worst in you.
    Los Angeles Angel
    6 days 17 hrs left
    34% funded
  • A comparison of the overzealous mating habit of deer during rutting season to that of men who cheat.
    Iowa Wes
    8 days 10 hrs left
    88% funded
  • A heavy metal legend has just been fired from his own band. And there's a dead groupie in his room.
    Los Angeles Justin
    8 days 12 hrs left
    58% funded
  • After Ever After
    Drama, Experimental
    When is it too late to save a marriage that's been slowly bleeding to death for years?
    Los Angeles Sarah
    6 days 17 hrs left
    62% funded
  • A man has to choose between his new life or the one he left behind.
    Austin Lascelles
    22 days 11 hrs left
    0% funded

Highly Recommended Films to Watch

  • The Girls on Liberty Street
    Feature, Drama62 min
    Directed by John Rangel

    Days before leaving for the Army, a teenage girl struggles with the reality of leaving home.

    The Girls on Liberty Street
    Feature, Drama
    9 250
  • Pur
    Short, Documentary14 min
    Directed by Anat Vovnoboy

    The ancient biblical story of Esther helped Jewish dissidents revolt against an oppressive regime.

    Short, Documentary
  • She Lights Up Well
    Feature, Comedy80 minutes min
    Directed by Joyce Wu

    A struggling actress moves home and directs a production to try and save the community theater.

    She Lights Up Well
    Feature, Comedy
    52 250
  • Elotes
    Short, Drama5 min
    Directed by Victor Hugo Duran

    Two young boys run amok until they witness a robbery that challenges their friendship.

    Short, Drama
    20 100
  • Saigon Electric
    Feature, Drama107 min
    Directed by Stephane Gauger

    A ribbon dancer from the countryside arrives to Saigon and befriends a rebellious street dancer.

    Saigon Electric
    Feature, Drama
  • Lu'bba (Game)
    Short, Drama6 min
    Directed by Saleh Nass

    It's just a game. Every single game.

    Lu'bba (Game)
    Short, Drama
    13 100
  • 5 Weddings and a Felony
    Feature, Comedy76 min
    Directed by Josh Freed

    When all else fails in your love life, film it.
    A Rom-Com Documentary.

    5 Weddings and a Felony
    Feature, Comedy
    46 250
  • Like the Water
    Feature, Drama74 min
    Directed by Caroline von Kuhn

    A young woman is confronted by the first taste of mortality in the loss of her best childhood friend

    Like the Water
    Feature, Drama
    104 250