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Hot Crowdfunding Campaigns to Support

  • Sharing personal stories to explore how we can work toward a world that embraces female sexuality and
    California Emily
    6 days 18 hrs left
    67% funded
  • That's Not Us
    LGBT, Romantic Comedy
    An intimate portrait of 3 couples on a beach weekend that tests the strength of their relationships
    New York Sarah
    16 hrs left
    104% funded
  • Trapped in snowy isolation, husband and wife descend into torment as their lives are threatened by illness.
    New York Adrian
    20 days 23 hrs left
    15% funded
  • Colouring Book Productions uses storytelling to make diversity normal. Help us "colour" outside of
    Rochester Jason
    50 days 15 hrs left
    9% funded
  • Sea of Fog
    Drama, Romance
    Strangers pass each other every day, unaware of what exists between them.
    San Francisco Imran
    16 days 16 hrs left
    76% funded
  • a comedy about an angry whimsical Korean woman
    Brooklyn Hye
    15 days 16 hrs left
    81% funded
  • In 1936 when 18 Black athletes participated in the Berlin Olympic Games, history forgot all except one. This
    Atlanta Deborah
    18 days 16 hrs left
    36% funded
  • Evergreen
    Mystery, Thriller
    A man goes into the forest to find his missing family, but something else finds him.
    California David
    11 days 22 hrs left
    6% funded

Highly Recommended Films to Watch

  • Ana y yo
    Feature, Documentary83 min
    Directed by Primavera Ruiz

    Primavera investigates her fascinating family and learns about her mysterious and powerful mother.

    Ana y yo
    Feature, Documentary
    16 250
  • The Girls on Liberty Street
    Feature, Drama62 min
    Directed by John Rangel

    Days before leaving for the Army, a teenage girl struggles with the reality of leaving home.

    The Girls on Liberty Street
    Feature, Drama
    17 250
  • The Yellow Ribbon
    Short, Western15 min
    Directed by Carlos Marques Marcet

    Around her neck she wore a yellow ribbon...

    The Yellow Ribbon
    Short, Western
    20 100
  • Iowa Mixtape
    Short, Documentary14:00 min
    Directed by Paul Lovelace and Jessica Wolfson

    Within visual poetry of the small towns, cornfields & rural beauty, 3 Iowans are changed by Hip Hop.

    Iowa Mixtape
    Short, Documentary
    14 100
  • Botiando
    Short, Drama10 min
    Directed by Victor Hugo Duran

    Set in South Los Angeles, "Botiando" is a look into the life of one working class family.

    Short, Drama
    14 100
  • Elotes
    Short, Drama5 min
    Directed by Victor Hugo Duran

    Two young boys run amok until they witness a robbery that challenges their friendship.

    Short, Drama
    21 100
  • Saigon Electric
    Feature, Drama107 min
    Directed by Stephane Gauger

    A ribbon dancer from the countryside arrives to Saigon and befriends a rebellious street dancer.

    Saigon Electric
    Feature, Drama
    Feature, Documentary68 MIN min
    Directed by Andrea Sisson & Pete Ohs

    A wide-eyed young woman searches Iceland’s otherworldly terrain for her
    schizophrenic brother.

    Feature, Documentary
    97 250