Hot Crowdfunding Campaigns to Support

  • Section II
    Film-related Business, LGBT
    Netflix for Lesbians.
    United States Allie
    Green Light
  • Cross
    Drama, Film-Noir
    The story of a Filipino backyard boxer in the San Fernando Valley.
    Los Angeles Gerry
    19 days left
    24% funded
  • Dead Saturday
    Drama, Thriller
    A misled band of youths believes they found a religious loophole for releasing their inner demons.
    Huntsville Jeremy
    Green Light
  • A New York Pair
    Romantic Comedy
    What happens when Molly and Charles must decide between ambition and love in New York City?
    New York Molly
    19 days left
    69% funded
  • A feature film about a lonely young woman who reaches out through The Screen.
    Brooklyn Michael
    18 days left
    21% funded
  • Directed by Women
    Global Celebration
    Inviting the world to fall madly in love with & wildly celebrate women filmmakers & their films.
    United States Barbara
    9 days left
    30% funded
  • An eccentric composer in the 1950's is given a magical instrument that distorts her relationships.
    Atlanta Jen
    16 days left
    45% funded
  • A young women searches for her own orgasm
    California Megan
    11 days left
    64% funded

Highly Recommended Films to Watch

  • The Moon and the Sledgehammer
    Feature, Documentary65 min
    Directed by Philip Trevelyan

    Philip Trevelyan's unique portrait of the remarkable steam-loving Page family.

    The Moon and the Sledgehammer
    Feature, Documentary
  • GABI
    Short, Drama20:16 min
    Directed by Zoé Salicrup Junco

    A short film about women, Puerto Rico, and sexuality...

    Short, Drama
    59 100
  • Learning Gravity
    Feature, Documentary70 min
    Directed by Cathal Black

    Poet and undertaker, Thomas Lynch, gives his overview of life and the state of ceasing to be.

    Learning Gravity
    Feature, Documentary
  • The Devil's Violinist
    Short, Drama4:05 min
    Directed by Jeff Lamb

    A violinist walks the line between beauty and pain as he repays his debt to the Devil.

    The Devil's Violinist
    Short, Drama
    10 100
  • Lu'bba (Game)
    Short, Drama6 min
    Directed by Saleh Nass

    It's just a game. Every single game.

    Lu'bba (Game)
    Short, Drama
    11 100
  • Like the Water
    Feature, Drama74 min
    Directed by Caroline von Kuhn

    A young woman is confronted by the first taste of mortality in the loss of her best childhood friend

    Like the Water
    Feature, Drama
    88 250
  • 5 Weddings and a Felony
    Feature, Comedy76 min
    Directed by Josh Freed

    When all else fails in your love life, film it.
    A Rom-Com Documentary.

    5 Weddings and a Felony
    Feature, Comedy
    45 250
  • Shabbat Dinner
    Short, Drama14 min
    Directed by Michael Morgenstern

    Two high schoolers discover they both share a secret during a boring Friday night dinner.

    Shabbat Dinner
    Short, Drama
    23 100