Hot Crowdfunding Campaigns to Support

  • A son seeks to elevate his father's musical legacy while discovering the man behind the music.
    California K.C.
    30 days 15 hrs left
    15% funded
  • the Harlem Independent Theater!
    Film-related Business, Filmmaker Resource
    A cinema and event space with a cafe-bar coming to West Harlem summer 2015.
    New York Harlem
    29 mins left
    89% funded
  • Zone 2
    Horror, Thriller
    Trapped in the bleak underworld of Zone 2, a mother and her disabled son fight for survival.
    Los Angeles Sandra
    8 days 14 hrs left
    82% funded
  • When your best friend brings out the worst in you.
    Los Angeles Angel
    9 days 20 hrs left
    32% funded
  • A comparison of the overzealous mating habit of deer during rutting season to that of men who cheat.
    Iowa Wes
    11 days 12 hrs left
    83% funded
  • neverland the webseries
    Adventure, Comedy
    A webseries about LARPers somewhere on the sitcom spectrum. Come on an adventure, old friend?
    New York Robert
    38 days 13 hrs left
    8% funded
  • After Ever After
    Drama, Experimental
    When is it too late to save a marriage that's been slowly bleeding to death for years?
    Los Angeles Sarah
    9 days 20 hrs left
    61% funded
  • Funeral Day
    Comedy, Drama
    A man skips his friend’s funeral in an attempt to start living his own life to the fullest.
    Los Angeles Jon
    22 days 18 hrs left
    26% funded

Highly Recommended Films to Watch

  • Future Perfect
    Short, Drama14 min
    Directed by Liam Billingham

    The story of one student's struggle in the complex and frustrating world of ESL in NYC.

    Future Perfect
    Short, Drama
    16 100
  • Showing Sydney
    Feature, Drama71 min
    Directed by Edgar Muñiz

    A film about a girl who stars in a film about a girl...

    Showing Sydney
    Feature, Drama
    36 250
  • The Girls on Liberty Street
    Feature, Drama62 min
    Directed by John Rangel

    Days before leaving for the Army, a teenage girl struggles with the reality of leaving home.

    The Girls on Liberty Street
    Feature, Drama
    Short, Thriller18 min
    Directed by David Bly

    When a blackout strikes in a foreign city, reunited lovers Sophie & Roland must fight for survival.

    Short, Thriller
    16 100
  • Pur
    Short, Documentary14 min
    Directed by Anat Vovnoboy

    The ancient biblical story of Esther helped Jewish dissidents revolt against an oppressive regime.

    Short, Documentary
  • The Sound of Small Things
    Feature, Drama75 min
    Directed by Peter McLarnan

    In this dryly humorous, delicately filmed allegory, a pair of newlyweds struggle for intimacy.

    The Sound of Small Things
    Feature, Drama
    22 250
  • Elotes
    Short, Drama5 min
    Directed by Victor Hugo Duran

    Two young boys run amok until they witness a robbery that challenges their friendship.

    Short, Drama
    20 100
  • Lu'bba (Game)
    Short, Drama6 min
    Directed by Saleh Nass

    It's just a game. Every single game.

    Lu'bba (Game)
    Short, Drama
    13 100