Hot Crowdfunding Campaigns to Support

  • A meeting of two strangers in the bathroom of a Halloween party spirals into a waking nightmare.
    Chicago Jake
    11 days 5 hrs left
    45% funded
  • B.U.T.S
    Bilingual, Underrepresented, Titless, Sallies. We are spoofing Latino stereotypes on TV!
    New York Emma
    9 days 4 hrs left
    64% funded
  • A young boy cherishes his grandfather who, from a train station platform, creates magical moments.
    New Hampshire Jennifer
    24 days 7 hrs left
    23% funded
  • A 60-year-old woman gets ten-minute opportunity to revert back to her younger self to seek change.
    Birmingham Bobby
    24 days 7 hrs left
    34% funded
  • Never Goin' Back
    Comedy, Teen
    Dudes, drugs and an ill advised heist. Just another day in the life of two 16 year old girls.
    Dallas Augustine
    5 days 5 hrs left
    50% funded
  • A web series about when life goes awry and the friends who get you through.
    New York Kathleen
    41 days 6 hrs left
    21% funded
  • Three Fingers
    Drama, War
    The battle continues long after the war...
    Nashville-Davidson Paul
    28 days 3 hrs left
    2% funded
  • Anthology
    Comedy, Drama
    A webseries that follows six 20-somethings try to function as adults in New York City.
    New York Ashley
    19 days 4 hrs left
    5% funded

Highly Recommended Films to Watch

  • She Lights Up Well
    Feature, Comedy80 minutes min
    Directed by Joyce Wu

    A struggling actress moves home and directs a production to try and save the community theater.

    She Lights Up Well
    Feature, Comedy
    24 250
  • As The Dust Settles: A...
    Feature, Documentary85 min
    Directed by Roger Ingraham, Katheryn McGaffigan, Jamie Dee, Jermey Lubman, Tarynn Wiehahn

    A multi-perspective mosaic of personal experiences at the week-long celebration named Burning Man

    As The Dust Settles: A...
    Feature, Documentary
  • Sick Birds Die Easy
    Feature, Documentary100 min
    Directed by Nicholas Fackler

    A drug-addled conspiracy theorist searches Western Africa jungles for a potent psychedelic plant.

    Sick Birds Die Easy
    Feature, Documentary
  • The Man Who Ate New Orleans
    Feature, Documentary88:32 min
    Directed by Michael Dunaway

    Food, music, and rebuilding in NOLA. A historic quest to eat at every single restaurant in town.

    The Man Who Ate New Orleans
    Feature, Documentary
    82 250
  • Like the Water
    Feature, Drama74 min
    Directed by Caroline von Kuhn

    A young woman is confronted by the first taste of mortality in the loss of her best childhood friend

    Like the Water
    Feature, Drama
    98 250
  • Lu'bba (Game)
    Short, Drama6 min
    Directed by Saleh Nass

    It's just a game. Every single game.

    Lu'bba (Game)
    Short, Drama
    12 100
  • Saigon Electric
    Feature, Drama107 min
    Directed by Stephane Gauger

    A ribbon dancer from the countryside arrives to Saigon and befriends a rebellious street dancer.

    Saigon Electric
    Feature, Drama
  • Shabbat Dinner
    Short, Drama14 min
    Directed by Michael Morgenstern

    Two high schoolers discover they both share a secret during a boring Friday night dinner.

    Shabbat Dinner
    Short, Drama
    24 100