Hot Crowdfunding Campaigns to Support

  • Actress
    A film about starring in the movie of your life.
    New York Robert
    3 days 6 hrs left
    84% funded
  • Zone 2
    Horror, Thriller
    Trapped in the bleak underworld of Zone 2, a mother and her disabled son fight for survival.
    Los Angeles Sandra
    41 days 3 hrs left
    39% funded
  • Assassin
    LGBT, Thriller
    The story of an assassin, a job gone wrong and the woman she never expected to fall in love with.
    Los Angeles Joshua
    27 days 23 hrs left
    14% funded
  • A wordless short comedy that explores an example of the only constant in our universe: change.
    Las Vegas Amos
    6 days 3 hrs left
    100% funded
  • Headshots
    Action, Satire
    When hitmen kidnap an aspiring actor, he must depend on the kindness of strangers who want him dead.
    Los Angeles Elle
    13 days 3 hrs left
    26% funded
  • Maggie’s marrying the woman of her dreams but will tension between her sisters ruin the day?
    New York Jaclyn
    29 days 1 hr left
    24% funded
  • The historic Texas Theatre needs to add DCP to keep offering the best new and repertory films.
    Dallas Texas
    21 days 21 hrs left
    14% funded
  • Seclusion
    Drama, Science
    The final moment between a couple as one of them prepares for mission launch.
    New York Vivian
    12 days 1 hr left
    46% funded

Highly Recommended Films to Watch

  • Future Perfect
    Short, Drama14 min
    Directed by Liam Billingham

    The story of one student's struggle in the complex and frustrating world of ESL in NYC.

    Future Perfect
    Short, Drama
    14 100
    Feature, Documentary68 MIN min
    Directed by Andrea Sisson & Pete Ohs

    A wide-eyed young woman searches Iceland’s otherworldly terrain for her
    schizophrenic brother.

    Feature, Documentary
    91 250
  • The Girls on Liberty Street
    Feature, Drama62 min
    Directed by John Rangel

    Days before leaving for the Army, a teenage girl struggles with the reality of leaving home.

    The Girls on Liberty Street
    Feature, Drama
  • Sumi
    Short, Comedy10:34 min
    Directed by Rachael Grace

    Two artists. Questionable day jobs. A curious pussy cat. Many secrets. One apartment.

    Short, Comedy
  • Dig
    Short, Thriller26 min
    Directed by Joshua Caldwell

    In an act of revenge, a holocaust survivor orders a Nazi at gunpoint to dig his own grave.

    Short, Thriller
  • Elotes
    Short, Drama5 min
    Directed by Victor Hugo Duran

    Two young boys run amok until they witness a robbery that challenges their friendship.

    Short, Drama
    20 100
  • 5 Weddings and a Felony
    Feature, Comedy76 min
    Directed by Josh Freed

    When all else fails in your love life, film it.
    A Rom-Com Documentary.

    5 Weddings and a Felony
    Feature, Comedy
    46 250
  • Saigon Electric
    Feature, Drama107 min
    Directed by Stephane Gauger

    A ribbon dancer from the countryside arrives to Saigon and befriends a rebellious street dancer.

    Saigon Electric
    Feature, Drama