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  • El Migrante
    Drama, Foreign Film
    A young boy is forced to migrate out of the Mexican countryside into the city to work.
    Chula Vista Jean
    17 days 15 hrs left
    113% funded
    California Marvin
    1 day 12 hrs left
    165% funded
  • Wedlocked
    LGBT, Satire
    Not one to be held back by unfair legislation, Sydney outsmarts the web of laws keeping her tied down and unable to get divorced.
    Los Angeles Puppett
    13 days 10 hrs left
    23% funded
  • After a failed suicide attempt Sarah joins a group of fellow survivors trying to help each other succeed…at suicide.
    Los Angeles L
    1 day 12 hrs left
    53% funded
  • Love is a superpower.
    Seattle Wonder
    29 days 11 hrs left
    14% funded
  • A young woman dies and awakes in the afterlife to find herself haunted by a malevolent entity.
    New York Matt
    24 days 9 hrs left
    51% funded
  • A desert recluse is visited by her dead husband's best friend, who arrives with an unsettling agenda.
    Santa Monica Diane
    17 days 14 hrs left
    15% funded
  • An unlikely friendship unfolds between two socially marginalized suburbanites who struggle to connect and survive on their own terms.
    Concord Emily
    15 days 8 hrs left
    46% funded

Highly Recommended Films to Watch

    Feature, Documentary68 MIN min
    Directed by Andrea Sisson & Pete Ohs

    A wide-eyed young woman searches Iceland’s otherworldly terrain for her
    schizophrenic brother.

    Feature, Documentary
    101 250
  • GABI
    Short, Drama20:16 min
    Directed by Zoé Salicrup Junco

    A short film about women, Puerto Rico, and sexuality...

    Short, Drama
    84 100
  • The Devil's Violinist
    Short, Drama4:05 min
    Directed by Jeff Lamb

    A violinist walks the line between beauty and pain as he repays his debt to the Devil.

    The Devil's Violinist
    Short, Drama
    23 100
  • Barbaric Genius
    Feature, Documentary75 min
    Directed by Paul Duane

    Wino - Chessmaster - Author - Psychopath - Genius

    Barbaric Genius
    Feature, Documentary
  • Like the Water
    Feature, Drama74 min
    Directed by Caroline von Kuhn

    A young woman is confronted by the first taste of mortality in the loss of her best childhood friend

    Like the Water
    Feature, Drama
    123 250
  • Iowa Mixtape
    Short, Documentary14:00 min
    Directed by Paul Lovelace and Jessica Wolfson

    Within visual poetry of the small towns, cornfields & rural beauty, 3 Iowans are changed by Hip Hop.

    Iowa Mixtape
    Short, Documentary
    14 100
  • The Yellow Ribbon
    Short, Western15 min
    Directed by Carlos Marques Marcet

    Around her neck she wore a yellow ribbon...

    The Yellow Ribbon
    Short, Western
    21 100
  • Botiando
    Short, Drama10 min
    Directed by Victor Hugo Duran

    Set in South Los Angeles, "Botiando" is a look into the life of one working class family.

    Short, Drama
    14 100