Part memoir, part travelogue, part philosophical rumination, I SEND YOU THIS PLACE is an exploration of mental illness and operates as such - embracing obsession and delusion as it focuses on a sister’s struggle to understand her brother’s schizophrenia.

A wide-eyed young woman searches Iceland’s otherworldly terrain for her

schizophrenic brother.

Andrea Sisson & Pete Ohs
Documentary 68 MIN min 2012

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I SEND YOU THIS PLACE is the debut feature-length documentary from filmmakers Andrea Sisson and Pete Ohs. The film was produced with the support of the U.S. Fulbright Foundation and premiered at the 2012 Full Frame Documentary Film Festival.

The documentary blends fiction and non-fiction to tell the story of a young woman whose encounter with the intense natural beauty of Iceland inspires her to examine her comfortable notions of sanity and creativity. The island's intensity reminds Andrea of her schizophrenic brother Jacob, a young man who isn’t bound by the conventional standards. “Delusional” thought and “erratic” behavior seem not so different from Andrea’s untamed surroundings in which the wind rants, the clouds are grandiose and the seasons bi-polar.

"I SEND YOU THIS PLACE is a surreal, genre-bending work of cinematic poetry and a penetrating study of human consciousness in all its wild ferocity."

"Iceland’s beguiling, extreme landscape is presented as a way to understand, or even feel, the cognitive blizzard of mental illness in I Send You This Place... This brief debut feature carefully situates Ms. Sisson amid her cold surroundings to the soundtrack of poetic musings, melodies and droning. Less a documentary than an experimental essay tapping age-old notions of the sublime, it’s a perplexing artifact that flirts with the banal yet moves with lovely intuitive rhythms.


- Nicolas Rapold, The New York Times
- Filmmaker Magazine '25 New Faces of Independent Film 2013'

"[Sisson and Ohs] are creating art that is moving, playful, and just the right amount of challenging. “Sometimes we asked ourselves, ‘Is this even a film?’ Ohs recalls. “I don’t know if it is… but it is certainly art.” Through narration, metaphor, and breathtaking visuals, they’ve succeeded in crafting a story that is thought-provoking, poignant, and, at times, sanguine."

- Amy Boyd, Cinespect

"That... was like an episode of Radiolab." 

- Anonymous Fan

“...an exceptional work of art that beautifully manages to balance conventional and experimental storytelling and create something truly original.” 

- Programmer VAEFF 2013

The Documentary Channel Doc Talk

"I was moved. When I hear birds communicating there is something subconsciously liberating about not knowing what they are saying, but simultaneously knowing that what they are saying is important (crucial, even) to each other—I'm an outsider to the context, but a witness to connection. Becoming aware of others and otherness is a virtue, and your film positively overflows with it. The obliqueness is clarifying and therefore isn't oblique at all... That's what your film did for me. I was spellbound." 

- Director of Production, Full Frame Documentary Film Festival 2012

"Gorgeously shot and made with genuine invention - I Send You This Place establishes the pair as directors with a bright future."


- Filmmaker Magazine