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While Tom is out of town screening "Sydney" at film festivals, the real Sydney decides to stay home and destroy the image Tom has of her.

A film about a girl who stars in a film about a girl...

Edgar Muñiz
Drama, Experimental 71 min 2014

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As strange as it might sound, I wanted to make a character-driven film about how hard it is to make a character-driven film. I met Suley, who plays Sydney, when I was making "The Haley Project". After we finished that film, I met up with her to talk about a film that would be centered around this girl who decides to stay home while her boyfriend screens their film at different festivals. I knew that I wanted the film to be meta, but I wanted to avoid the mindtrip/absurdist angle that usually comes with a film like this. I still wanted it somehow to be human because I was more concerned with showing how difficult it is to capture "truth" and real emotion in film. And working with Suley made the whole process so much more fun and interesting. She was fearless, insightful, and incredibly real. She was willing to take risks and she trusted me completely. I knew she'd bring the perfect amount of elusiveness, sexiness, and charisma that I wanted for Sydney.