Sundowning is the portrayal of Shannon, a young woman who has lost her cognition and memory. She is content, but lacks any recollection of her past, her family, or her own identity. She lives in pacified near-isolation, sharing an apartment with Susan, her gentle yet enigmatic caregiver.

A coming of age story about a young woman who has lost her memory, and her enigmatic caretaker.

Frank Rinaldi
Sci-Fi 92 min 2012

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Sundowning is subtle and patient, its narrative structure stripped to a reductive and minimal form. The story moves with deliberate slowness, cautiously and methodologically observing Susan and Shannon’s ritualistic regimen. Initially accepting of her relationship with Susan, Shannon eventually grows suspicious of her caretaker’s control and intentions. Unable to rely on her memory and subjectivity, Shannon grapples for insight into her present condition and Susan’s role in her life. The restrained pace of the film allows room to explore the dynamics of their relationship.

Sundowning was influenced by neo and hyperrealist films, but also draws from elements of Technicolor imagery, science fiction, experimental film and video art. Moments inspired by the latter counterbalance the minimalist nature of the film, and further facilitate an intimate understanding of Shannon’s perception.

The film was shot on location in Singapore using Super 16mm Kodak film.