In the ever changing film industry and crowdfunding marketplace, we learn more every day, so these guidelines will be constantly evolving. But, for your reading pleasure, this is the information we are currently using to guide our decisions. Hence “guidelines.”


Violating the Community Guidelines means you’re at risk of having your account suspended, so these guidelines function more like rules of the road. We assume most people understand good internet etiquette, so we’ll be brief:

  1. Be cool! Our goal is to build a truly independent film community. That means the actions of one reflect on us all. You’ve come here to support and watch movies. So be supportive! Don’t use obscene, hateful or harassing language.
  2. Please don't SPAM. Nobody likes it.
  3. There are more no-no's outlined in the Terms of Service (to which you must agree), but presumably if you're breaking those rules, you're probably not the kind of person who spends too much time doing your homework on our Community Guidelines. Sigh.


We are a curated platform. However, we're genre agnostic and we're learning all the time about how to guide the decision-making process.

These guidelines are largely based on the potential for you and your project to foster a supportive and engaged audience.

  1. You're making a motion picture: a feature, short, documentary, or episodic. You might also be funding a festival or production company, or a project that is in service of motion pictures- like a theatre that needs to upgrade to a digital projector. 
  2. You have a convincing plan to complete the project you're pitching.
  3. You have a convincing plan to attract an audience as you work on your movie and then deliver it to them when it's finished.
  4. You own the content outright. Don't infringe on copyright laws in any thing you post. See the Terms of Service for more on this.
  5. You're not making pornography of any kind, meaning torture porn is also not okay.
  6. Ok, well, food porn is ok. (You know we're talking about cooking shows now, right?)

Some other things we look for:

1. Pitch video: A pitch video is mandatory for all projects. Your pitch video should either make us fall in love with you or give us a great sense of what the finished film will be like. The best pitch videos will do both. Remember, people will invest in you and your storytelling talent, rather than in a "concept."

2. Team: The team has to fit the scope of the project. If you're asking for $2,000 and it's just you, no problem. If you need $100,000 to make a feature, we need to see that you have a team - not just to make the film but to raise that kinda dough! You can also seek to complete your team as part of a Seed&Spark campaign. Make sure to include that information when you submit a project.

3. "About this project." We ask you to tell us about this project. It should be personal. Why do you need to make this? What does it matter so much to you that we should all rally behind you? This is an important time to flex your storytelling muscles. There's a good story behind every movie, we want to know yours!

4. A plan for success! You have thought through how to successfully complete your project and get it to an audience. Your distribution plan could range from "We're planning to apply to top festivals and get picked up by Magnolia Pictures" to "We're going to pursue direct-to-audience distribution as soon as the project is complete." Tell us about your strategy when the film is complete.


We're looking for great examples of truly independent filmmaking across all genres and budget levels. (Save for pornography, you have the rest of the internet for that.) That means we're seeking high quality films that bend and stretch the "rules" of what's popular in Hollywood either by subject matter, technique, fundraising method, etc.

Because we're a new website and we don't (yet) have millions of registered and active users, we have to limit the number of films we are streaming to make sure they each get a good share of the total audience. As we continue to learn about what our growing Seed&Spark community is seeking, we will streamline these guidelines.

For now, you must be able to say these four things about your moving picture:

  1. It's a great moving picture in whatever its genre, scope, type.
  2. It's not streaming for free elsewhere.
  3. You own the content outright.
  4. It's a Narrative, Documentary, Animation, or Experimental Feature, Short, or Episodic or Transmedia project.
  5. You've got a plan to get the word out to your audience!

If you have a moving picture that you believe has an audience, send it to us!