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The Legendary Texas Theatre

October 22, 2014

• Barak Epstein

When we re-booted and re-opened the legendary Texas Theatre in 2010, my partners and I made a decision to show movies.  There were independent films that just were not getting screenings in Dallas and the repertory scene was pretty much one theater on the other side of town showing midnight films.  Within 6 months of our re-opening, it became very clear that Digital Cinema was marching into the industry and would have a major and quick effect. We made a second decision in 2011 to invest in purchasing and re-purposing 35mm equipment for archival changeover so we could greatly improve upon the repertory scene here in town (and most new films from even smaller distributors were still being made on 35mm).  By 2013, it had become apparent that the indie distributors would abandon 35mm in favor of Digital Cinema (DCP). We marched on.  Major studios tried to end analog distribution with an FCC-esque analog‚ Sunset, which never quite materialized.  We think this reverse sunset is due to a breed of major filmmakers who have the clout to dictate the exhibition format of their films in a similar way in which they choose their shooting format.  
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