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A Collective Vision for Distribution

June 18, 2015

• Marty Lang

In his BRIGHT IDEAS article "Towards a Poor Cinema: Part II,"  James Kaelan introduced the term "ionic collective." Like its atomic counterparts, ionic collectives have members that can work in multiple production positions, “capable of dissolving and recombining to form infinite iterations of the same compound.” They also find power in distribution, where members can promote their peers' work, and also pay to see that work. Ionic collectives, he said, are much more effective in distribution than their siblings, covalent collectives, small groups of filmmakers that work consistently in one production position.
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Strength in Union: The Rise of Film Collectives

January 29, 2015

• Marty Lang

Independent film has legendary stories of lone filmmakers seemingly creating work by sheer force of will. Robert Rodriguez worked ten crew positions by himself making his debut feature El Mariachi, earning the nickname “The One-Man Film Crew.” That's admirable, but also a really difficult way to make a film. So, many filmmakers have developed a team-oriented approach to creating and distributing content. While these teams differ in construction and focus, they share one thing: They're groups of creative people working together. They call themselves collectives.
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What Sony Can Teach Indies

January 6, 2015

• Marty Lang

Following the saga of Sony Pictures' The Interview has been a real-time education on studio filmmaking, free speech, and internet security. But the one thing that's stuck out to me has been the vacuum Sony found itself in and Hollywood's culture of fear and victimhood. As an indie filmmaker, this has clarified for me just how entrenched the CYA (Cover Your Ass) approach is in the studio world—and it's showed me how important it is for indies not to follow in their footsteps.
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