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Hurricanes can't stop this Hometown Hero filmmaker

November 16, 2017

• Jenny Waldo

In June 2017, Seed&Spark announced the Hometown Heroes Rally, partnering with Mark and Jay Duplass, to support and promote regional filmmaking, specifically a narrative feature. I’d funded my short film Acid Test through Seed&Spark the previous year and had planned to adapt it into a feature, so despite some concerns about the herculean effort preparing and running a crowdfunding campaign again, I decided “Why not?” and prepared to launch September 12. I was going to get my debut feature off the ground and see if the Duplass Brothers wanted to join me.
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Meet the filmmakers who earned rewards this quarter

November 15, 2017

You may know Seed&Spark has the top crowdfunding campaign success rate in the world, but our filmmaker rewards are another somethin’ special you can only find with us. Each quarter we award amazing tools to filmmakers who have reached milestones in building their audience. Because it’s not just about raising funds for your film — it’s about building your whole dang film career.
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Meet the #HometownHeroes finalists

October 18, 2017

When we announced the Hometown Heroes Crowdfunding Rally in partnership with Duplass Brothers Production back in June, we knew we’d see great things from filmmakers and local film communities. And when the rally campaigns — all 73 of them! — launched in September, we were over the moon. All the campaigns worked their patooties off to raise funds and build an audience, getting them a giant step closer to making their feature film. We were blown away by the creativity, passion and hard work each and every filmmaker demonstrated.
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