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2017 Film Festival Calendar

December 28, 2016

• Kt McBratney

The film festival circuit is a major part of the independent filmmaker world, and a huge part of the Seed&Spark experience (#StayIndie Tour anyone?). We put together a list of many of the U.S. film festivals for 2017 to help with your festival planning. Want to know where you can find the Seed&Spark team? Check out our events page, which we keep up-to-date on our festival programs, education and crowdfunding class throughout the year.
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How I Learned to Take Film Festival Rejections Less Personally

November 21, 2016

• Gerry Maravilla

I’m going to tell you something I’m not supposed to tell you: while I’ve been fortunate enough to screen my short film “Cross” at eight festivals across country, I’ve been rejected by more than double that number. I’m extremely proud of the film I’ve made; however, that much rejection will send even the most confident and accomplished filmmaker into a tailspin of existential dread.
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Independent Does Not Mean Alone.

February 17, 2015

• Emily Best

All right, everybody. The Center for the Study of Women in Television and Film released a really depressing study: 12% of protagonists are female. Only 30% of SPEAKING ROLES are given to women. Women of color are almost left out entirely. The headline in Indiewire was actually, “Sorry Ladies.”
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