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Inclusion is Revolution

November 17, 2016

• Emily Best


Last week, it became abundantly clear that Seed&Spark’s mission to expand empathy has become a radical political act.

Four things happened in quick succession:

1. We at Seed&Spark decided we're cool with being radically political.

2. I wrote to all of you to make it clear that our commitment to diversity and inclusion is stronger (and more necessary!) than ever.
3. We heard back from SO MANY of you and found out you are just as passionate about this as we are.
4. I asked my team to think hard about how we could put forth a positive challenge to our creative community in light of what feels like a negative time.

Most importantly, we wanted that to be a challenge that absolutely any creator could choose to take up with any project.

And so here we are: today I invite you to actively participate in building a more inclusive, vital film future with us.

What We Are Doing:

As a part of the crowdfunding on-boarding process, we will now ask the creators to add a public-facing statement about how the project will increase inclusion in front of and/or behind the camera. The question they will answer:

How does what you are making increase representation and inclusion in age, class, race, gender, sexuality, religion and/or ability? (Or in another way we haven't considered?)

This is an opportunity for ALL OF US to actively consider how we cast our projects, how we crew up our sets, and how do we connect with our audiences. The WHO is at the heart of everything else. When you look at Who is involved in your project, the How, What, Where, and Why take on greater meaning.

Hundreds of amazing projects have come through Seed&Spark, and we're excited to see who comes through our doors next year. If YOU are thinking about making something amazing and crowdfunding in the New Year, take this step with us towards greater inclusion on and off screen.

We're not just changing the ratios; we're changing the culture.

Three Things You Can Do to Join Us TODAY:

1. Start a crowdfunding campaign
2. Support a campaign
3. Stream movies in our library

Seed&Spark can't do it alone. Come and make a brighter future with us.

With love and respect,
Emily Best
Founder and CEO of Seed&Spark



Emily Best

Emily Best is Founder and CEO of Seed&Spark.



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