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Rewarding filmmakers who embrace inclusion

May 11, 2017

Wow. Seriously wow. More than 100 projects launched during #100DaysOfDiversity, each of them required to articulate how their movie, show or film-related project was actively increasing inclusion in front of and behind the camera. Our amazing partners contributed some incredible perks to reward filmmakers who really embraced the spirit of the initiative. These are more than added benefits for increasing diversity; they’re tools and connections to empower these diverse independent creators to further build their careers.
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Seed&Spark Updates
100 Days and Counting...

May 3, 2017

We did it. We came together as a film community through #100DaysOfDiversity and made collective progress to increasing representation in entertainment in 100 days. Want to see how we did?
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Legal Questions
Modern Love: How to Ensure the Project Doesn't Die When Your Relationship Does

February 23, 2017

• Stacey Davis

As with any relationship, business or otherwise, open communication is a key to longevity. But not all business or romantic partnerships are meant to last.  Plan ahead and protect you and your project with some ‘pre-nup’ basics.  
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