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Seed&Spark Updates
Filmmaker Spotlight: Meena Ramamurthy

August 1, 2017

If we were to list things that make us the happiest, seeing filmmakers build careers using our platform is pretty damn near the top of the list. And when those filmmakers are also making incredible work that truly addresses representation on and off screen? Color us even happier.
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Seed&Spark Updates
#FilmCurious 3/28/2017: Muslim Storytelling in America

March 28, 2017

• Julie Keck

Thanks to all who joined us for today's #FilmCurious Twitter Chat with guests Asad Kirmani (HIJABI), Iram Parveen Bilal (EXTINCTION, FORBIDDEN STEPS), and Nadia P. Manzoor (SHUGS & FATS, BURQ OFF!) for a discussion about the joys, barriers and importants of telling Muslim stories on film in America.

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The Filmmaker Dashboard: Using data to build your filmmaking career

January 10, 2017

• Emily Best

As a group of filmmakers ourselves, we started Seed&Spark to be the career building tool for filmmakers we felt we were missing. We had a radical desire to build sustainable careers that didn’t rely on some old middleman to say yes to us. We’ve known from Seed&Spark’s earliest days that access to updated, no-bullshit information would be critical if were were really going to make this possible. It’s one of the reasons why education plays such a major role in our offerings to independent filmmakers, why we’ve taught our classes to thousands around the world. (Not for nothing, so far, crowdfunding class attendees have a 95% campaign success rate…)
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