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An Education

September 16, 2016

• Jen West

In my journey to become a better director, I decided that it was beneficial to join a similarly-sized project as what we hope Electric Bleau will be. Toward that end, I’m helping a friend in the art department on a 2.5 million dollar film as a graphics and support person. I’m doing the best job I can in my role, while absorbing everything like a sponge.
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Film Crowdfunding
10 Harsh (Sometimes Disturbing) Realities of the Indie Lifestyle (Pt 2)

August 9, 2016

• Michael DiBiasio

Filmmaker Michael DiBiasio recently shared with us 5 sort of harsh (and definitely disturbing) realities of his indie career so far. Read the first part here.
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Shooting a No-budget Feature in Winter Weather

February 10, 2015

• Christina Raia

Christina Raia is an indie filmmaker in NYC who wrote, directed, and produced her first feature, a horror film titled Summit. It was shot in below zero weather in Massachusetts two Januarys ago on $20,000 with a skeleton crew in just 2 weeks. The story of making it is quite the saga on its own, so she shared it during the 2-year anniversary of principal photography on her production company blog in anticipation of the 80-minute film's VOD release later this year.   
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