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From Fearing Social Media to Making It My BFF: Growing An Audience for your Show or Film

April 25, 2018

• Alex Dobrenko

I created the web series Distance because I wanted to share my experience of being in a long distance relationship. I had never seen a show specifically about long distance, and I was fascinated with the evolving technology that made long distance love possible while also creating new and strange barriers between us and those we love. And, more than that, I wanted to write an authentically awkward cyber sex scene. So began my relationship with Distance.
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How a series creator used social media to build an audience

November 17, 2017

• Bri Castellini

The biggest mistake filmmakers make on their new and beautifully branded social media accounts is both understandable and completely fixable: making it all about them. This might seem counterintuitive — “Isn’t the point of social media to tell people about my project?” Absolutely! But not at first, and definitely not all the time. I’m here to talk about how you, no matter the production stage you’re in, can build an engaged and thriving community and leverage that to get eyes on your project. Filmmaker to filmmaker.

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Taking Action
12 representation influencers to follow on social media

July 11, 2017

• Mariah Wilson

If 2017 has given us one good thing, it’s an increase in constructive discussion about inclusion and ways to actively address the lack of representation in entertainment. Even as we make progress in increasing the diversity of perspectives in front of and behind the camera, it’s key that we continue to talk -- and listen. We rounded up some leading voices in the conversation for you to know, find and follow. Trust us, your feed will be all the better for it.

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