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We’re building a new kind of company at Seed&Spark. One where you don’t have to check your humanity at the door. We’re cultivating a culture that’s empowering and equally fosters personal and professional growth. A culture that prioritizes getting to the best idea, regardless of where it originated. One that is flexible enough for us to lead rich, creative lives outside of work. One that acknowledges that when you spend this many of your waking hours together, it should feel like family.

Who we're looking for

UX Designer

Downtown Los Angeles


About the role

We’re looking for a passionate and experienced Design IC with strong foundations in research and UX, who has worked in complex problem spaces and has a track record of scaling products (including experience developing responsive design systems). Our suite of products requires systems thinking about diverse problems throughout the creative lifecycle – it includes creator tools, education, community-building and social systems, content discovery, and more. We also bridge offline and online experiences, with more than a hundred live events a year.

This role requires a designer who has experience evaluating, iterating, and creating meaningful work and impact, both in improving existing product features and building new ones.

About YOU

You’re a competent, curious, and skilled designer who is great at communicating. You know your way around the usual tools (Sketch, Figma, Creative Suite, etc.) and you’re comfortable learning new ones. Experience with illustration and/or motion design is a plus.

You’ll be working with our Chief Design Officer across both product and visual design. Applicants must have both UX/UI experience (yes we know they’re not the same thing) and design chops. You’re down for deep systems thinking, new product development, and designing experience down to tiniest interaction details. You thrive in the user-centered product design process, and can support the full cycle from identifying needs to ideation to production. In terms of visual design: you’re primarily a product designer, but you think about design as a continuous spectrum that touches lots of other departments. You’ll work on brand, marketing, visual identity for new initiatives and products, and anything else that might come your way.

Some might call you a “mind at work” – you’re a problem-solver who geeks out on design theory, reading about trends, experimenting with process, and continuously gripes about how various instruction manuals could be better designed.

You must have at least 3-5 years of real-world experience working on product, UX, and UI design.

What you’ll do

Research. Both exploratory (market + user needs) and validation (usability testing)

Ideation. New concepts, evaluation, feedback, and new new concepts in response to everyone else’s feedback.

UX/UI. Design information architecture, flows, mock-ups, and prototypes practicing user-centered design.

Validation. Validate designs and gather feedback from key stakeholders to drive iterative improvements.

Systems management. Build visual libraries for design and branding (includes sourcing or creating new images and illustrations).

Visual design. Creating templates, graphics, and creative concepts.

Best practices. You help document how we do things, and you help spread knowledge to the rest of the team.

Other stuff. You help the rest of us out when needed, because that’s just the kind of person you are.


Sound like you? Great, get in touch!

Please apply with a current portfolio.

Seed&Spark is committed to equal opportunity and believes firmly in strength through diversity. (Duh, look at our mission). Whatever your race, gender, religion, sexual orientation, age or disabilities — welcome.

Head of Marketing

Downtown Los Angeles


About YOU

You’re a storyteller at heart who nerds out about the measurable outcomes of a job well done. You thrive at the intersection of vision and execution, excelling at communication and collaboration, and your sweet spot is organic channels over everything. You more than know your way around Google Analytics, Mailchimp and various CMS tools — bonus points for experience with Mixpanel, Zapier and Coda.

You’ll work with the rest of our executive team — especially the CEO — to grow the Seed&Spark brand and business. Applicants must have experience in content and growth (and yes, we know both of those are broad terms…we’d like to hear what you have to say about them!) either in-house or at an agency. You dig having goals and building scalable processes that deliver on them without compromising agility and experimentation. Curiosity is your default, and you’ve never met an idea “too off the wall”!

You’ll be the glue of how the Seed&Spark story is told across channels and business lines, connecting dots between the micro, the macro and everything in between all in support of our business goals.Responsible for brand, growth and marketing operations. You’ll drive the marketing roadmap as well as the narrative, team and tools we use to get there and the reporting to see how it's working along the way.


Sound like you? Get in touch!

Seed&Spark is committed to equal opportunity and believes firmly in strength through diversity. Whatever your race, gender, religion, sexual orientation, age or disabilities — welcome.



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