Frequently Asked Questions

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General info

What makes Seed&Spark different from other crowdfunding or streaming platforms?

Lots of things! Our crowdfunding platform has the highest success rate of any platform (as independently verified), and we're the only crowdfunding platform specifically focused on film and film-related campaigns. Other notable differences include our free, world-class educational resources and events and our mission to increase representation in front of and behind the camera.  

This mission applies to our streaming service in how we curate the titles you'll find on Seed&Spark. We focus on bringing you wild and wonderful movies and shows from diverse independent filmmakers as well as programming playlists (collections of movies and shows) that you can't find anywhere else. From festival film favorites to award-winning documentaries to blocks of short films, watching on Seed&Spark means you have many, many, many lenses from which to see the world. It's exploration through film, not escapism.

How does Seed&Spark increase representation in entertainment?

We require all filmmakers who crowdfund with us to provide an inclusion statement that clearly articulates how they/their project is increasing representation in entertainment. No crowdfunding campaign can launch without this element. On the streaming side, every movie and show in our library is evaluated by our programming team to add unique, diverse perspectives and create an inclusive and intersectional collection.

How do I update or delete my account?

Log in and go to 'Manage Account' from your profile menu to update anything in your account, including payment info and contact information. You can delete your account from a link in the 'Privacy Preferences' section.

Please note that deleting your account is permanent, and you’ll need to create a new account if you would like to support a campaign or watch a film in the future.

How do I update which emails I receive from Seed&Spark?

Log into your account, and go to Manage Account. From there, select Notifications on the left to see all the possible notifications you can receive. Check the boxes to receive notifications or uncheck to opt out. You can also click the unsubscribe link in the footer of any Seed&Spark marketing email to unsubscribe from that set of emails specifically.

Streaming Subscription

What is a Seed&Spark subscription (and what's in it for me)?

All the incredible movies and shows streaming and/or raising funds on Seed&Spark promote diversity in front of and behind the camera. We're also the first and only subscription that combines streaming with supporting artists in one. That means you have unlimited access to stream everything in our library, and half your monthly subscription fee goes directly to the filmmakers whose work you may watch.

Pay what you can, watch all you want and make entertainment more inclusive while you're at it.

Where can I watch Seed&Spark movies and shows?

Once you’ve subscribed, simply log into our website to watch online and/or download our Roku and/or Apple TV apps to watch on your TV.

How do I activate my account on Roku?

Activate the Seed&Spark app on Roku:

  1. On your Roku, go to the channel store and search for Seed&Spark. (Tip: search for the whole name to find the app faster.)
  2. Open the Seed&Spark app
  3. Select a film or series to watch
  4. Click 'Subscribe/Link Account'
  5. Click 'Link Account'
  6. Go to, and log in (if you are not already)
  7. Enter the code from the Roku app on your TV, and click submit.
  8. You're set! (It may take a few seconds for the app to  connect).

What kinds of movies and shows are available?

Our streaming library is full of work by independent filmmakers across genres and formats. That means you’ll find award-winning features, shorts, comedies, dramas, documentaries, series, action adventures, foreign films and more!

How do I cancel my subscription?

We hate to see you go, but if you do need to cancel your subscription we won't make you jump through a bunch of hoops. Simply go to 'Manage Account' from your profile menu and then clicking on the 'Billing' section.

Supporting a Crowdfunding Campaign

Do I have to create an account before I make a pledge?

Yes, but it's a super simple form during the checkout that takes only 30 seconds to complete. Creating an account means you can manage your pledges and makes supporting future projects (and subscribing to Seed&Spark) even easier.

What payment methods do you accept?

We accept all major credit cards (Visa, Mastercard, American Express and Discover). We never store your credit card information on our servers, and the checkout is SSL encrypted and 100% secure. We do not accept payment via PayPal, cash, check or money order.

Is my pledge tax deductible?

Unless the campaign is working with a fiscal sponsor, pledges are not tax deductible (this is the case for most crowdfunding sites). The campaign page will indicate if they are working with a fiscal sponsor.

Do you accept international pledges?

Yes! You can make a pledge from anywhere in the world. Your pledge will be charged in $USD, and the amount on your statement will reflect the exchange rate at the time of the charge.

What happens if the card I used is lost or stolen?

No problem; you can update your card details and other preferences at any time by logging in and navigating to 'Manage Account' and then 'Your Pledges'.

When will I get charged for the pledge I made?

Your credit card is charged only when the campaign ends successfully, not when you make the pledge. We’ll send you an email to let you know we received your pledge, and then when the campaign ends and your card is charged. If your card is declined for any reason, you'll receive a notification on how to update your payment details and fix the payment. 

If the campaign is not successful, your card will not be charged.

How do I make a pledge as a guest?

To pledge to a project as a guest, click the “Make a Pledge” button and then select an incentive from the list, or simply select an incentive directly on the project page. Next, confirm your pledge options. From here you’ll be taken to a page where you can continue as a guest, or login if you already have an account. (Note: If you already have an account, you'll need to log in rather than continuing as a guest!)

Make sure to double check your email address – that’s where you’ll receive your pledge confirmation details and updates on the project.

Finally, enter your payment information and take a minute to review your pledge details. When you’re ready, just click the blue “Complete Order” button. Congratulations, you’ve just helped a filmmaker get one step closer to bringing their project to life!

What happens if the campaign I pledge to does not succeed?

Your pledge will not be collected, and your credit card will not charged.

Why is there a "recurring" charge on my statement?

Don’t worry! Because we charge your card after the campaign ends — and not when you make the pledge — the one-time charge will sometimes show as "recurring" on your statement. Please be assured that we never charge your card more than once without your authorization.

Why was my card charged twice for a single pledge?

We only charge your card after the campaign has ended successfully, and we never charge your card more than once for a single pledge. Please double check your statement and if you do see two distinct charges, contact us.

What happens if I pledge toward a project that never gets made?

Once Seed&Spark releases the funds to the filmmakers, the filmmakers are obligated to the supporters to do what they say. In other words, they’re obligated to make the film they said they would and deliver the incentives they promised. Our Terms & Services don’t allow us to get in the middle of disputes that arise between supporters and filmmakers, but we can tell you that anybody with any hopes of undertaking a creative endeavor ever again knows letting down their audience is not an option. Crowdfunding puts enough social pressure on a filmmaker that they will work to get that movie made — come hell or high water. If there are delays and hiccups ( a normal part of making movies ), the filmmakers are encouraged to post updates to Seed&Spark to let supporters know. You’ll receive these as email updates (and you can opt out of receiving these if you choose). Lastly, if you're really worried about the fate of your monetary pledge, consider loaning something to the production you could get back if things don't work out.

What happens if I don't receive the incentive I selected?

Seed&Spark does not act as an intermediary between our crowdfunding filmmakers and their supporters. If you have a question about delivery of an incentive, please contact the project owner directly. (To do so, go to their project page, hover over their name at the top of the page and click the 'Contact' button.)

Can I cancel or change my pledge?

Yes, if you decide that you want to cancel or revise your pledge you can do so any time before the campaign ends. Just log in (or create an account if you pledged as a guest) and go to 'Manage Account' from your profile menu. From there you can view and manage your pledge(s) under 'Your pledges'.

Launching a Crowdfunding Campaign on Seed&Spark

Why should I crowdfund on Seed&Spark?

Not only do we have the highest campaign success rate in the world, only Seed&Spark was created by filmmakers for filmmakers! This means you get tools and resources (including audience data and our Filmmaker Rewards) you can’t find anywhere else. Learn about everything we offer filmmakers.

I'm interested in crowdfunding, but what does it really take?

The best place to get started is our How It Works page.

What stage of production can I run a crowdfunding campaign for?

You can crowdfund for any and all stages of development, from pre-production through to distribution and marketing. In fact, some campaigns choose to run multiple campaigns to raise funds for various stages of production...and keep their audiences engaged along the way!

How much can I crowdfund for on Seed&Spark?

We've had projects of all sizes raise with us, from less than $2,000 to over $200,000 and everything in between. We have the largest project size and audience build per project, as well as the highest success rate of any crowdfunding platform. We've also had projects that've raised with us go on to premiere at Sundance, SXSW, Tribeca and many other great festivals. But at the end of the day, it all depends on you, your team and the size of your networks to determine how much you can raise.

Are you an "all or nothing" or "keep what you raise" platform?

Neither. On Seed&Spark you get the Green Light (i.e., get to keep your funds) when you reach 80% of your goal.

What are your crowdfunding fees?

Our platform fee is 5%, but we offer your backers the chance to cover that fee  on your behalf, and generally about two thirds of them opt to do so. The effective platform fee for most campaigns is closer to 2%. Credit Card processing fees are then $0.30 + 2.9% of the pledge. On average, filmmakers keep 95% of what they raise!

You can find a full breakdown of your fees in the Payout section of your project dashboard after your campaign receives the green light and payment has been processed.

Do you work with fiscal sponsors?

Yes, we do! Check out our Fiscal Sponsors page for details.

Does Seed&Spark support international projects?

We fully support US and Canada based crowdfunding campaigns. And while your project can be based anywhere,  it is currently required that you or someone on your team have a US or CA bank account and SSN/EIN (for US) or PID/TIN (for CAN) to receive the funds after a successful campaign.

When you say you're committed to inclusion, does that mean I can't crowdfund with Seed&Spark?

Inclusion means everyone and Seed&Spark is a platform for everyone. We're happy to have filmmakers of every gender, race, sexuality, class, faith, ability and more raise with us. We're a place for storytellers of all kinds.

How long will my campaign run?

You can choose to run your campaign for 30, 45 or 60 days. 30 days is the most manageable length, and we recommend this for most projects.

How do loans work?

When someone submits a loan through your WishList, you'll receive a email notification, and can then go to the 'Loans' section of your project dashboard to approve/decline the loan and set the dollar value. The amount you set will automatically be added to your funding total. You can raise up to 40% of your overall campaign goal through loans.

Can I run a promotional (non-funding) or loan-only campaign?

Not at this time. That said, we think it's a really interesting idea, and we're in the process of figuring out how to deliver value to our community with non-monetary campaigns.

Can I run a campaign just to raise the money for my deliverables and marketing?

Absolutely! In fact, campaigns for distribution are often the most successful because you've already shown that you have what it takes by making the film in the first place.

Can I use copyrighted material as part of my pitch video?

Nope. Avoid using music, images, video or any other content that you don't have the rights to use. Using copyrighted material is almost always against the law and can lead to expensive lawsuits down the road.

How quickly can I launch my campaign?

We recommend you start setting up your crowdfunding campaign on Seed&Spark one month before your desired launch date. We recommend you submit your campaign for review at least two weeks before your desired launch date

When you submit your crowdfunding project for review, a member of our crowdfunding team will respond by email within two business days with feedback. It may take more than one round of feedback to get your campaign in tip top shape. Please keep in mind that the feedback we share with you is based on years of data related to successful campaigns. We want you to succeed!

Can I gather followers to my campaign before I launch?

Yes, for non-rally projects. You can send early supporters a preview link to your campaign via the blue, "Copy Preview Link" text in your project dashboard. Anyone you send this link to will be able to view your campaign page and follow it before the project is live.

Can I add new incentives after I launch my campaign?

Yes! You can add new incentives at any time before or during the campaign.

What do I do if someone supporting my campaign is having a technical issue, like submitting a pledge or wanting to change the amount?

The best thing to do is to send a note to the Help Desk that way we can get qualified member of Tech Team to assist you with the issue ASAP.

How do I get my campaign featured as a Staff Pick or Highly Anticipated campaign?

Staff Picks are selected by the Seed&Spark crowdfunding team and updated weekly based on a variety of criteria that include genre, subject matter, format, story, strength of the campaign, and a lot more!

Projects that appear under Highly Anticipated campaigns are all subject to the same metric -- number of new followers earned. This is updated twice daily. The more followers you earn on your campaign in a 12 hour period, the the likelier it is you'll see it here.

If I crowdfund on Seed&Spark, do I have to stream my movie or show with you as well?

No, of course not, it’s your work! But keep in mind, Seed&Spark is building an audience that is interested in watching the types of movies and shows that you're most likely making, and when you stream with us you get paid for every minute watched. Learn more about distributing with us.

What happens if my campaign is unsuccessful?

If a campaign does not reach 80% or more of its goal, supporters' credit cards are not charged and you do not receive funds.

Can I add my Google Analytics tracking ID to my crowdfunding page?

Yes! To do so, set up a new property under your Google Analytics account (Website Name = My Seed&Spark Project, Website URL = and then add the Tracking ID on the Project section of your Project Edit page. If you don't already have a Google Analytics account, you can sign up for one for free.

Greenlit (Successful) Crowdfunding Campaigns

What does it take (and mean) for my campaign to get the Green Light?

On Seed&Spark, your campaign is successful (meaning you get the funds raised) when you reach 80% of your goal. We call this getting the Green Light. You can get the Green Light at any point in your campaign but you must receive it before your campaign ends to receive the funds.

What happens if I raise more than my stated goal?

Good for you! If you raise more than you asked for, there are no hidden or additional costs associated.

Will I be taxed on the funds I raise on Seed&Spark?

Whoever is the recipient of the funds ( the individual or company ) will be issued a 1099 at the end of the year. That 1099 will reflect the full gross amount raised, as compliant with federal law. We highly recommend that you work with a tax professional to advise you on how to take the appropriate fee deductions and handle the funds from a tax perspective.

How do I access the money I raised in my successful campaign?

You'll link your bank account when you set up your project, and our credit card processor Stripe deposits the money to you after the campaign ends! You will need a US Bank account and Social Security or EIN #. After your campaign gets the green light, we’ll process all the pledges. Once payment is processed, the cards that’ve been successful charged will land in your account. Cards that’ve been declined will be notified and once they’ve been corrected, those funds will come in as separate transfers.

When can I access the campaign funds after I get the Green Light?

Funds from a successful campaign are deposited within 5-7 business days after the end of the campaign.  Additionally, if any of your supporters credit cards are declined, we will automatically email them with instructions on how to enter a new payment method and will also re-attempt the charge every 48hrs until resolved. Funds from these 'fixed' payments will be transferred as they come through.

Will I be notified when the funds transfer is complete?

We’re working on a notification feature for the future, but for now just keep an eye on your bank account. Once payout has been processed, you can find a full breakdown in the ‘Payout’ section of your project dashboard.

What if there is an error with transferring the campaign funds?

If there is an error regarding payment such as an incorrect account number, routing number or contact info, we’ll notify you via email asking you to update that information. Once it’s been corrected, we will re-process payment. If you do not receive your funds in 5-7 business days, notify us via this form and we’ll get to the bottom of it.

What happens if one of my supporters disputes a charge?

If a supporter of your project disputes a charge with their card issuer, we'll handle representing the charge to settle this with the card issuer. You’ll be notified that a dispute has been filed, and you’ll be able to provide evidence to help us resolve it in your favor. If the cardholder’s dispute is found valid ( the review process can take up to 60 days ), you authorize us to charge the credit card number you provided when you started your project for the amount of the chargeback.

What should I do about declined charges?

When a supporter's card is declined, we attempt to re-charge their card for one week after the decline. We also automatically email them with instructions on how to log in and submit updated payment information. You can also message them directly via the Supporters section of your project dashboard to remind them to do so.

As soon as they submit updated payment information they receive confirmation of the successful charge and we initiate a transfer to your account (all "fixed" payments will land in your account as separate deposits).

How can I get a list of my supporters and their information?

Within your filmmaker dashboard, you can download a spreadsheet of everyone who contributed and/or followed your campaign, including any whose cards were declined in case you want to reach out personally. To access this list, log in and navigate to the ‘Supporters’ tab, then click the “Export List” button.

Distributing a Movie or Show

Why should I distribute my movie or show on Seed&Spark?

To reach an audience looking for diverse and incredible film from independent creators, to get paid per minute watched, to be a part of a platform whose mission is increasing representation in entertainment and much, much more!

Where will my film be distributed?

People who subscribe to Seed&Spark will be able to stream your film on our website as well as our OTT app, available on Apple TV and Roku.

Do you accept films that have not crowdfunded through Seed&Spark?

Absolutely! If we find a film to be really wonderful and a filmmaker to be super engaged, with an interesting marketing idea and at least 500 followers from another crowdfunding campaign or just social media, we are always happy to review! Check out our Submission Guidelines for more info.

Do you only accept self-distributed films?

We also accept films with existing distributors, as long as your deal allows for it and we like your film, we are happy to include you in our family!

What are your distribution fees?

We offer a 50/50 split of revenue with our filmmakers.

When do I get paid if I distribute my film with you?

We pay out 30 days after the close of the quarter in which your film launched.

What is the cost of deliverables?

There is no cost to deliver your film to us as everything is sent to us online (no shipping of drives!). Please be aware that we do require Closed Captioning files as part of your deliverables, which typically cost $1/minute of screen time (rates may vary for foreign language films).

I want my film in theaters, can you do that?

We can indeed, although we tend to limit our theatrical films to 4 per year, so that we can really put in the effort they deserve.

When we will receive streaming cinema payments?

You will receive payments within 30 days of the close of the quarter. You can always log in to your dashboard for monthly reports. We are working towards real-time data in these dashboards, and will keep you up to date on our progress!

Crowdfunding Rallies

What is a crowdfunding rally?

A crowdfunding rally is a large scale call for crowdfunding campaigns around a certain theme or format, where all the campaigns launch and run for the same time period. A prestige partner typically offers a prize.

Who can participate in a crowdfunding rally?

Everyone can participate by funding or following one (or more) rally campaigns or by spreading the word!

For filmmakers looking to participate by running a crowdfunding campaign, each rally starts with a call for submissions that details specifically what kind of films are eligible to participate. Some rallies, like 100 Days Of Optimism, are open to all formats and genres. Other, like Untold Story, may focus on a certain genre or format.

When is the next rally?

Check out our rally calendar to see what’s coming up as well as previous rallies.

Can't find an answer to your question here?

Check out our How It Works and Guidelines pages or feel free to contact us!



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