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Before the Covid-19 crisis made it apparent that safe live theatre would not be resuming anytime soon, the production team planned to expand the 2020 festival to include film for the first time. As the ramifications of the pandemic became clearer, the choice was made to adapt the festival for the circumstances, rather than cancel it entirely. BoxFest Detroit recognizes the vital role it plays in supporting and creating opportunities for writers, actors, and especially, our women directors. This support is more necessary now than ever. BoxFest Detroit 2020 presents films of various genres, filmed theatrical performances, and additional free events featuring participating artists and staff. Audiences have the opportunity to enjoy a variety of 17 different films and theatrical performances, created by Michigan directors and BoxFest Detroit alumnae. They may purchase tickets for individual “boxes” of programming,  as well as festival passes, giving them access to all festival programming.

Frequently asked questions

How do I watch a film?
To watch a film, you can: purchase an individual ticket, purchase a pass, or redeem an access code if you’ve been given one by the festival. If you make your purchase during the pre-order period, you’ll need to wait until the festival starts to watch your film(s). You will be able to use your ticket or pass to watch the film(s) for the duration of the festival. Once the festival starts, select the title you want to watch from the Festival home page. If you have a pass or a ticket for the title selected, you can click “Watch” to begin viewing. Make sure you’re logged into Seed&Spark with the e-mail that you used when making your purchase!
Where can I watch the film?
You can watch the film on any Internet-connected device like a computer, tablet, or phone (no downloads required!). You can also cast it to a TV. To watch on a TV, click play from the film page. Once the film player is open, hover your mouse over the bottom part of the frame to show icons that enable Screen Shot 2020-05-26 at 11.53.33 AM.png (Chromecast) or Screen Shot 2020-05-26 at 11.53.27 AM.png(Airplay).  As long as you have a Chromecast, Apple TV, or a Smart TV that supports either option, the icons should show up and the film should play on your TV.
I’ve never heard of you before. Can you tell me more about BoxFest Detroit?
Sure! BoxFest Detroit is a non-profit organization and an annual festival that showcases and creates opportunities for women-identifying directors. Since 2005, BoxFest Detroit has served and continues to function as a springboard for many women and their directing careers. Directors who have participated in past festivals have gone on to pursue graduate studies at highly competitive universities, become directors at professional theatres, and formed their own successful theatre and production companies. BoxFest Detroit’s importance within Michigan’s theatre community was validated when Between The Lines honored the festival with the Critic’s Choice Award at the 2008 Wilde Awards. Historically, the winner of the audience vote competition is given the opportunity to direct a show with Planet Ant Theatre’s One Act Series. In 2017, BoxFest Detroit launched a mentorship program, and a portion of the festival proceeds go to support at least one director’s participation in this program.
I have heard of you, but I thought you were a theatre festival. Is BoxFest Detroit a film festival now?
Well, kinda! Before we decided to move the festival entirely online, we planned to showcase film as a part of our live theatre festival. When it became necessary to adapt 2020’s BoxFest Detroit festival to run without live audiences, we opened up our submissions to makers of theatre and film to submit their work. In future years, we look forward to being able to gather together again in person to experience all the amazing talent that our women directors, theatrical and film, have to offer. 
How do I decide if I should buy tickets for an individual box or a festival pass?
It really just depends on how much, and what type of, film and theatre you want to experience. We’ve programmed our offerings into four boxes: one box of filmed theatre performance shorts, one box of short documentaries, and two boxes of narrative shorts. If you are interested in seeing just a few films of a certain genre, then buying $12 tickets to individual boxes makes sense. If you are excited to explore all that BoxFest Detroit 2020 has to offer, buying a festival pass at $40 saves you money.
Ok, I bought my ticket(s) for individual boxes or festival pass(es). Now what?
Unlike at our live festival, where boxes are programmed to run on specific days and times, BoxFest Detroit 2020 will be available for streaming to audiences on demand. BoxFest Detroit 2020’s ticket holders and pass holders have purchased access to stream their chosen programming from the time of purchase throughout the duration of the festival. BoxFest Detroit runs Saturday, October 10 through Sunday, October 18. The only events that are not available on demand are the virtual events scheduled throughout the festival. These events will be hosted live, in real time and for free, for all who wish to attend. 
How do I redeem an access or discount code?
Codes can be redeemed during checkout. Make your purchase selection and enter your code in the "Coupon code" step on the checkout page. Please note that your code may be specific to individual tickets or passes only – in that case, your code will not work if you've selected a different product type.
I have a free access code. Do I still need to input my credit card information?
Nope! At checkout, enter your free access code in the "Coupon code" field and click "Apply." If the code provides free access, the credit card fields will disappear. Please note: If you opt to include a 10% donation to cover festival operational fees, you will need to input credit card information.
How can I purchase tickets for multiple films?
Tickets must be purchased individually. Your access to all of the titles you’ve purchased tickets for is tied to your Seed&Spark account (using the e-mail and password that you set during checkout), so make sure you’re logged in to watch!  Alternatively, you can purchase a festival pass for access to all titles.
How do I join a virtual event?
You’ll find all available events listed in the Virtual events tab on the Festival home page. Each event will have its own instructions for RSVP or purchasing tickets listed in the description. For panels, follow the instructions on your Eventbrite ticket confirmation.
What can you tell me about this year’s directors?
We are proud to present the work of 17 women directors at BoxFest Detroit 2020. Three of our films have co-directors who are men, with the women directors on these projects taking the lead. All films and filmed theatrical works included in this year’s festival are produced and created by Michigan artists and/or BoxFest Detroit festival alumnae. To qualify as a BoxFest Detroit alumnae, a person must have participated in a previous festival as a director, actor, or writer.
What awards are this year’s directors eligible to win?
What is a festival without awards and an award ceremony, right? BoxFest Detroit 2020 directors will have the opportunity to win a variety of awards, including some new ones we’ve added this year. Our directors will have the opportunity to apply for our mentorship program, which will look a bit different this year as our entertainment landscape has changed. Rather than partnering our BoxFest Detroit directors with experienced women directors to serve as assistant directors on professional theatrical productions, our directors will experience mentorship in a different way. This year, the one or more directors who are awarded a mentorship opportunity will be matched with theatre and/or film directors with real-world, professional experience. We will also offer inaugural awards for films, including awards for Best Narrative Short, Best Documentary Short, and Best Theatre Performance. We will also offer inaugural awards for films, including awards for Best Narrative Film, Best Narrative Short, Best Documentary Short, and Best Theatre Performance. Additional prizes may be announced. Make sure to join us for the BoxFest Detroit 2020 Award Ceremony! 
What is Seed&Spark?
Seed&Spark is the platform powering this online festival. Seed&Spark’s mission is to connect people through stories that matter. Since 2012, their platform has helped thousands of creators bring stories to life and to audiences via story-centric crowdfunding, subscription streaming, community events and workplace programs that cultivate a culture of equity and inclusion. In response to the COVID-19 pandemic, Seed&Spark launched a complete online festival platform, keeping creators, sponsors and audiences connected while ensuring the survival of the independent creative ecosystem.
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