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Narrative Short | Directed by Adie Valavanis 3 minComedy, Animation

It's one of Derrick's first Chatterboxing matches, and instead of throwing punches, he must shout as loudly as possible. He doesn't stand a chance against the champion, Zootaker, and the announcer, Brody, is so loud he threatens to upend the whole fight.

A Basement Film
Narrative Short | Directed by Katelin Maylum 30 minComedy, Drama

A Basement Film is about Matilda, an English major at U of M Ann Arbor, who is struggling to find her way through mental illness and other personal issues such as a bad self-esteem and hooking up with the wrong dudes. Matilda decides to go home for the weekend and with all of her buddies, they smoke, do mushrooms, and try to handle the several catastrophes and stresses that occur with coming of age and realizing that you're a hot mess.

A Good Day
Narrative Short | Directed by Audra Jantz 4 minDrama

What happens when life has other ideas? Through pain, waiting, disappointments and a little mystery, Paul is hoping to have a good day. A film made when life (i.e. a tooth infection, pain killers and an emergency root canal) had different ideas.

Flame Out
Narrative Short | Directed by Leia Squillace | Director of Photography: Kyle Sorice 6 minComedy, Sci Fi & Fantasy

The impending outage of the sun tests the strength of panicked roommates; throwing one couple’s relationships into chaos as true feelings and honest personalities come to the fore in the face of disaster.

Day of Reckoning
Narrative Short | Directed by Alivia VanDale 3 minHorror, Thriller

Shaun and his brother Hunter love video games and play together every day. One day, Shaun notices Hunter playing something different that he had never heard of before. It doesn't take him long to realize something isn't right about this new game.

ASTRAY: The Justification of Grace
Narrative Short | Directed by Paige B. Alston 19 minDrama

Elise decides to go on a spiritual fast to find the meaning of Grace. Things take a risky turn once the fast is commenced.

Also screening

Box 1 -- Theatre Performance Shorts Poster

Box 1 features three theatrical performances. Love at First Slice and A Cup of T were produced and filmed specifically for BoxFest Detroit 2020. These directors used their creativity to experiment with theatrical storytelling in a post-Covid world. Selections from Cleopatra Boy presents excerpts from A Host of People’s devised production, Cleopatra Boy, featuring live music, projections, toy theater and more to examine justice and representation.

Box 2 -- Documentary Shorts Poster

Box 2 features three compelling stories, all told through documentary film. Breaking the Cycle follows the private life of Indi Jackson, a record-breaking college athlete, revealing that life’s biggest challenges are often encountered off the field. The Way of Art shares the riveting and precarious journey of one theatre’s quest to bring a giant puppet to life, and The Impact examines MSU students’ responses to racially biased incidents.

Box 4 -- Narrative Shorts Poster

Box 4 rounds out the festival with five more narrative shorts. The coming-of-age story, golden, and The Idler, a gloomy rendition, explore university life and beyond in very different ways. Future Shock is a time traveling romp of pandemic proportions, and unexpected romance finds its way in of Masquerade and Rhymes. The dark comedy Taco Soup shows that a holiday family dinner can offer more than any of the guests bargain for.



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