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Dayton Independent Film Festival

September 25-28, 2020

Dayton, OH

The Dayton Independent Film Festival celebrates regional filmmaking and stories from Midwestern filmmakers who offer their unique vision. We believe that through impactful storytelling, we can increase empathy, understanding and a sense of discovery. Our goal is to provide a platform to foster dialogue and reflection with an abundance of passion and creativity. DIFF 2020 showcases a wide variety of Midwestern voices from established professionals, emerging filmmakers and students.

Festival Program

Fiction Shorts 1: On Love and Connection
93 min

These shorts uniquely dive into matters of the heart and remind us of the deep need for love and connection. View filmmaker Q&As here.

Fiction Shorts 2: On the Edge
85 min

On the edge of genre and on the edge of your seat, this eclectic mix will get you to think, laugh and get mad. TRIGGER WARNING: blood, strobing lights, violence, gun violence, implied violence, loud noises, and adult language. View filmmaker Q&As here.

Fiction Shorts 3: Challenging Conversations
87 min

By asking the tough questions and searching for answers, these films tackle the challenging conversations needed for personal accountably, institutional change and healing. TRIGGER WARNING: violence, sexual assault, masturbation, swearing, blood and adult language. View filmmaker Q&As here.

Documentary Shorts: A Sense of Belonging
79 min

From location, to community and within memories, these documentaries provide insight as to how that profound sense of belonging can come from many different places. View filmmaker Q&As here.

Experimental Shorts: Positions. Dynamics. Perspectives.
59 min

Through visceral performance and expression, these films question our relationships with the physical world, with one another, and ultimately, with ourselves. TRIGGER WARNING: strobing, flashing lights, blood, implied violence and loud noises. View filmmaker Q&As here.

Local Shorts: Resilience
63 min

Like many communities, Dayton has been tested a lot in recent history. In their own ways, each one of these films speaks to the loving resiliency that our community embodies. View filmmaker Q&As here.

Web Series: #TMI
24 min

Dayton native Ashlei Shyne’s web series is funny, thought provoking and full of love. #TMI uncompromisingly calls out the inequity within the film industry and the lack of POC LGBTQ+ representation in comedy and mainstream media. View the filmmaker Q&As here.

The Short Distribution Down Low with Dayton Independent FF
Sunday, Sep 27, 2020
3:00pm - 4:00pm

Learn the tools for creative independence. Led by Seed&Spark's film community manager Bri Castellini we'll break down the current landscape of distribution for independent short films, including the economics of different avenues to take, the right questions to ask potential partners, and other information to arm yourself with as you enter negotiations.



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