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NFMLA DocuSlate Introduction
1 min

Billy the Elephant
Directed by Michelle Morgan 8 minDocumentary, Animation

Inspired by real events, we follow the story of Billy, a Malaysian elephant, who was captured in the wild over 30 years ago, has been the center of a controversy for decades. Living a solitary existence at the Los Angeles Zoo since 1989, this film continues an ongoing conversation of whether zoos are educational institutions or are, in fact harmful for large animals. This is one individual's story. This film grapples with issues of animal autonomy and the contemporary themes of animals in entertainment and used for education. Film and music stars along with local citizens weigh in on this timely issue and the effort to release Billy to a sanctuary. When the animation is juxtaposed with documentary footage of Billy's abuse, this film creates a shocking reflection of the plight of all elephants in captivity today.

Closed Up
Directed by Julia Gorbach and Nathan Phillips 8 minDocumentary, Animation

Twenty artists and experts trying to connect in the digital space as their hyper-real conference call becomes infected with a virus and takes over their cameras, leaving us all asking "what happens next?"

Peace of Mind
Directed by Caitlyn Saw 5 minDocumentary, Animation

After coming out as a lesbian six years ago, Morgan Hennessy Shea has come out a second time as a trans male this year. How did he get to his truest form of self realization? Meditation. Through an arbitrary enrollment in a mindful communication class, Morgan experienced a crucial understanding of who he is by coming face to face with the present and the repressed thoughts that have clouded his mind, including getting in trouble in kindergarten for wearing boy underwear, not wanting to go swimming, and dating lesbians but still being jealous of boys.

Karaoke People
Directed by Jen Tate 8 minDocumentary, Animation

Lots of people sing karaoke. Only some of them are Karaoke People. I built a karaoke confessional booth to interview people with extreme relationships to karaoke, and to figure out why Karaoke People do what we do.

Rain Pot
Directed by Gordon Moore 9 minDocumentary, Animation

Life in motion.

Directed by Cora K Hasegawa 7 minDocumentary, Animation

My whole life I have always wondered who my grandmothers really were. Through conversations with my parents, I explore my grandmothers' lives and the losses that affected my family and shaped my personal and cultural identity.

The Greatest Night
Directed by JLee MacKenzie 8 minDocumentary, Animation

A collaboration between composer Matthew Evan Taylor and the Vermont Symphony Orchestra, this hybrid short doc that tells the story of a young man's journey from prison movie projectionist to filmmaker.

Short Docs #2: Animated & Experimental Filmmaker Q&A
Saturday, Dec 5, 2020 8:00pm - 8:45pm

Live Q&A with the filmmakers of the Short Docs #2: Animated & Experimental Program.

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Also screening

I Am Not a Wind-up Doll Poster

An expelled teacher launches a relief group for girls.

The Labyrinth of the Moons Poster

A look at the lives of trans women in Argentina and an exploration of maternity in all its meaning. Following three main subjects, the stories are intertwined with songs and poems by Susy Schok trans artist, poet and writer. Identity, a true maze that depends on personal construction.

The Man of The Monkey Poster

Intrigued by the tale of a strange man living in isolation with a chimpanzee, filmmaker David Romberg travels to his childhood home in Ilha Grande, Brazil to find him, only to discover that the tale pales in comparison to what he uncovers.



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