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NFMLA Introduction
NewFilmmakers Los Angeles Film Festival 1 min

Directed by Nino Aldi 10 minDrama, Comedy

In this powerful and thought-provoking dark satire, the themes of identity and discrimination unfold during a train ride between two stations as an African American, an Arab-American and a white man try to rob a train. However, no one wants to rob their own race.

Directed by Desmond Levi Jackson 5 minHorror

A horror story is inspired by the mythology of werewolves in Haiti. Taking place in New Orleans, a rebellious teenager desperate for a night of freedom tries to sneak out of the house until he is stopped by a threatening figure.

The Big Five
Directed by Kate Sheffield 23 minThriller, Horror

An injured woman finds herself stuck in the home of a reclusive trophy hunter after stepping in his trap. In time, they learn the dark truth of their identities and why each is there.

The Orchestra
Directed by Curtis Matzke 6 minHorror, Drama

A young woman is haunted by an undead orchestra when she finds herself alone in an empty theatre.

2 weeks
Directed by Victoria Negri 11 minSci Fi & Fantasy, Horror

Tanya's sanity is tested as she wakes up to the realization that she does not experience sexual attraction the way the majority of the world does. Sexualization is thrown at her in everything she does, forcing her to understand that something is different inside of her. As an actor in an industry that perpetuates womxn's worth based on sex appeal and an immediate circle of friends whoa are "woke" to femxle sexual empowerment, she can no longer lie to herself or to the person she values the most.

If You Ever Hurt My Daughter, I Swear to God I’ll Let Her Navigate Her Own Emotional Growth
Directed by Meghan Ross 3 minComedy

Jon Hamm voices a father meeting his daughter’s boyfriend, flipping the stereotypes of the encounter on their head, in this adaptation of Sophie Kohn’s Daily Shouts column.

Driving While Black Magic
Directed by Julia C Liu 8 minDrama

Nadege has to work late again, leaving Reggie and their dog Fatboy waiting at their new house. During her commute home she tries to block out the news, as protests erupt in Providence Plantations over another state sanctioned killing. Instead, she listens to her self help tape, teachings from Obeah the Spirit Mother. As Nadege recites her daily affirmations for decolonization, the line between nightmarish premonition and reality starts to blur.

Directed by Émile V. Schlesser 13 minDrama, Sci Fi & Fantasy

A young man with Down syndrome relies on a superhero identity to muster the courage to profess his love to a childhood friend.

Also screening

She's the Eldest Poster

Three eccentric siblings return to their childhood home to reconnect but end up digging up the past of their parents' mysterious disappearances instead.

Suggested screening time: October 17th at 3:30pm PT
Live Filmmaker Q&A: October 17th at 5:15pm PT

InFocus: Veteran Cinema Shorts Poster

A varied line-up of short films directed by filmmakers who have served in the military, this program covers diverse stories and filmmaking styles and genres that span across thriller, sci-fi, comedy, drama and romance and includes five world premieres.

Suggested screening time: October 17th at 12:30pm PT
Live Filmmaker Q&A: October 17th at 2:15pm PT

NFMLA Introduction Poster

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