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Infinity 7
Directed by Brett Williams 12 minSci Fi & Fantasy, Thriller

A lone astronaut's spacecraft malfunctions, threatening to leave him stranded in orbit forever.

Extra Innings
Directed by John Gray 9 minMystery, Drama

A reporter interviews the manager of the Boston Red Sox in an attempt to uncover secrets from his past.

Directed by Daniel Robert Smith 13 minComedy, Drama

Best friends Kurt and Carter find out that living together may not be as easy as they thought when their competing lifestyles begin to crash. After a huge argument, Carter wakes up to find his gravity has shifted to the wall. He has gone sideways.

A Mind's Eye
Directed by Rebecca Kirsh, Benjamin West 11 minDrama

A newly blind man learns to appreciate his remaining four senses.

Directed by Kent Smith 33 minDrama

Mike is an intellectually challenged man in his mid-50's, working for his only friend, Donald.  When one dream propels Mike onto a course of adventure and splendor along the path of life, the dream mission turns out to be not as simple as it might have seemed.    It's a tale about finding yourself while experiencing the moment.  One dream. One journey.

Directed by Kyra Gardner 9 minComing-of-Age, Comedy

Phoebe is a real catch... she just doesn’t know it yet. Far from home, she tackles a new sea of challenges during her first weeks at college. With her flamboyant roommate Adam as her navigator, she no longer feels like a small fish in a big pond, and she learns to feel comfortable in her own skin.

The Quiet
Directed by Radheya Jegatheva 10 minAnimation, Experimental

When an astronaut ponders on the quietude of space, he comes upon a startling self-realisation.  The truth is written in the stars, but what will he uncover?

The Thief
Directed by Samantha McLeod 6 minHorror, Comedy

A man steals a woman's handbag and finds unlikely items. 

Spread Among Us
Directed by Travis Stewart 16 minThriller, Drama

As a horrifying disease spreads across the country, a young couple must decide what to do with their daughter after she is infected.

A Modern Romance
Directed by Nathan Shanahan 4 minRomance

A young couple have different expectations for their first date.

Split Second
Directed by Kristen Cubbage, Phillip Lehn 11 minDrama, Crime

A loving family's life changes in a split second.

Ms. Rossi
Directed by Pat Battistini 5 minRomance, Comedy

While on her way to a business meeting, Ms. Rossi takes an interesting detour.

The Journal
Directed by Sydney Rowlette, Connor Thomas 4 minDrama, Coming-of-Age

A girl who is affected by depression, reveals the daily struggles of the illness. She writes all of her negative, self-hating, pessimistic thoughts in a dark journal. As she seeks help through medication and therapy, she realizes the effects of her negative thoughts and shows the journal to her therapist. To symbolize the progress she is making, the girl decides to burn the dark journal. We see her at the end with a light journal, where she now writes positive affirmations that are much more helpful to her well-being. 

Soaring Beyond Silence
Directed by Jessie Greenberg 8 minDrama, Coming-of-Age

This film is the story of a High School girl who realized that she had been born with a 40% hearing loss in both ears. Because her hearing loss wasn’t discovered until she was a Junior in High School, her “moments of incompetence” were often misunderstood.  Reluctant and embarrased to admit her disability and to wear hearing aids, she faced many challenges. Through it all, she grew stronger. She made this film to let other people know that, even though the road to success is not easy and it may feel long and arduous, we all have a purpose. We all have strengths and we all have challenges, but it is up to us to decide what we are going to do about our challenges. This film shows her story of perseverance in hopes that others can also triumph in the face of adversity.

Directed by William C. Simmons 6 minDrama, Action & Adventure

A gun-slinging Cowboy seeks a Priest to confess his past transgressions; but the Cowboy won't be the only one confessing his sins.

The Mushroom Huntress
Directed by Jim Picariello 10 minDrama, Sci Fi & Fantasy

After Leigh is cut off from her cold, wealthy mother, and witnesses the arrest of her loving-yet-scheming father, she attempts to support herself by capitalizing on her love of wild mushrooms. But while foraging along the forest floor she discovers a shocking family secret.

The Sound of Silence
Directed by Donald Wilson 6 minDrama

A man returns to his beach house along the Currituck Sound after losing his better half and wonders if the other half will ever be whole again.

The Casserole Brigade
Directed by B. Rain Bennett 13 minDrama, Family

A dark comedy about that period after a family member’s death (in the South), where people from around the neighborhood and town stop by incessantly to drop off thoughts, prayers, and casseroles as a way to show their love.

Directed by Rebecca Walters 18 minDrama

When faced with the opportunity for a solo performance, an aging dancer must question whether her moral compass and personal integrity are important enough to stand up to a choreographer’s unwanted sexual advances.

For the Goblins
Directed by Hypnus Yao 16 minSci Fi & Fantasy, Comedy

An ordinary college student SEBASTIAN gets kidnapped by Goblins on his way home from a party. With the desire of getting some goblin wine, he makes a deal with the Goblins. Sebastian brings home a young Goblin, RRRUBY, who does not understand anything about human society but he has to perform it the way of acting like a human being. At first, Sebastian does not want to take care of RRRuby; instead, he only wants to enjoy his price, the Goblin wine. However, he then learns that without taking his responsibility, not only he won't be able to get his price but also RRRuby might get seriously injured because of his negligence. In the end, Sebastian decides to finish his mission, teach RRRuby to act like a human being. Sebastian then begins to introduce clothing, food, language, transportation, and technology to the young Goblin. They have a short but rich time. In the end, Sebastian brings RRRuby back to the Goblin forest, they both complete their mission. Moreover, they become very good friends even though they are very different species.  

Hallswallow Hollow
Directed by Monica Lee 8 minSci Fi & Fantasy

A sibling vampire duo from the country throws a surprise celebrity-themed birthday party for their familiar.

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We are all children at heart. You’re invited to rediscover that childhood (and maybe even find out something about your present and future) with the Real to Reel Film Fest official selections for this year’s Kid’s fest. Varied styles of animation from around the world are featured in this Kid’s Fest block of films. A sci-fi story of friendship; environmental awakening, and anti-bullying are a few of the themes you’ll find this year.

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For over 20-years, Real to Reel has featured docs from around the world. This year, our slate of doc shorts will carry you from abandoned mines in Canadian ghost towns, to alpine huts in the White Mountains, to rivers in Ellsworth, Maine. You’ll also be offered environmental poetry with a thought-provoking stroll through the forest, a ride with a young rodeo talent, and a seat next to a 104-year-old church organist in rural North Carolina.

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Beyond Dreams

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Beyond Dreams follows Roman Romancini, one of the most important Bazillian mountaineers, as he deals with possibly never climbing again after being hit by a car, how he fought cancer & how he kept his dream to climb Mount Everest alive as motivation to heal. 



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