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Keep it Colorful

Help get as many pilots by creators of color green lit as possible right now! Fund, follow and share these series, and help them become eligible to work with Erika Alexander, Color Farm Media and BLACK&SEXYTV (and win more than $25,000 in prizes)! See the full rules and prizes here.

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Los Angeles • Drama

As narcotics hit Washington DC hard in 1987, four young girls are forced to provide and protect as their parents lose to the drug game.

Green Light

Black Girl Training

Milwaukee • Comedy, Shorts Program

When a black transracial adoptee is meeting her biological family, there's only one way to prepare her; a black girl training.

Green Light

The Vth Column

Los Angeles • Horror, Sci-Fi

Horror/Scifi series. Episode 1. A couple flees from a stranger, who refused to let them out of his car, after hitching a ride.

Green Light

I Hear You

Los Angeles • Comedy, Drama

In a world of “no sound” how will 5 college students; 3 Deaf and 2 Hearing learn to HEAR one another?

Green Light


Atlanta • Drama

As Senator Ingram stares down an easy reelection, things become unstable when he is diagnosed with a mental illness.

Green Light


Greenville • Drama, Romance

Caroline, a strong-willed, selfish, Black femalepreneur, wants it all in business, love and life.

Green Light

Bleeding Backwards

Chicago • Other

A series of short films that use movement and dance to examine the effects of the US prison system on individuals and their communities.

Green Light

Greenwood Avenue: A Virtual Reality Experience

Los Angeles • Drama, History

Greenwood Avenue is a groundbreaking, emotional exploration into the lives of the African-Americans living in Tulsa, Oklahoma in 1921,during

Green Light

Passion & Progress

Lakeland • Documentary

When people of color set out an ambitious goal to reach their highest potential, only to be faced with societal barriers.

Green Light


Los Angeles • Comedy, LGBTQ

Frenemies in their 20s navigate life after college with mental illnesses that teach them they’re more alike than they realize.

Green Light


Dallas • Reality-TV, Talk-Show

The millennials that are focused on the grind before & after they clock out, sharing experiences about sex, love and being selfish AF!

Green Light


New Orleans • Drama, Comedy

A special bond between women of color living in the Big Easy, as they navigate through life's challenges while in pursuit of their dreams.

Green Light

Artists Anonymous

New York • Comedy

Five people trying to make it big in NYC form a friendship in a support group for artists who hate their day jobs.

Green Light


Atlanta • Documentary, Nature

YOGICK Presents TOTAL ECLIPSE - Visionaries & Egyptian Yoga Instructors venture to the Mountain Top in a quest to Create Anu Reality

Green Light


Los Angeles • Documentary

Transgender entertainer/activist Blossom C. Brown finds answers to her troubled past while aspiring a career in the entertainment industry.

Green Light


Philadelphia • Comedy

After being arrested for a crime she didn’t commit, a maladjusted comedienne must serve out her penance as a volunteer community counselor.

Green Light

Street Cred Season 1: When It All Changed

Detroit • Sci-Fi, Teen

We're building inclusive leadership of the future by co-creating technology of the future, today!

Green Light


Chicago • Drama, Family

An orphaned girl struggles to find answers to the old adage, “what’s in a name”- is she one mother’s Viktory or another’s Victoria?

Green Light

Conversations Centered Around Black Bodies

Chicago • Drama

An honest exploration of intersectionality and race relations in America.

Green Light

Uneasy The Show

Oakland • Comedy, Drama

Two brown girls take on student loans, MFA drama, & techie jargon in Oakland: home of the Black Panthers & now, $3000 one bedroom apartments

Green Light

The Royal Court

Atlanta • Drama, Family

A sensitive African-American girl struggles with remaining on the royal court at her college after an undeserving senior is crowned queen.

Green Light

Sex Is a God Thing

Chicago • Drama, LGBTQ

After their father's death, two queer women of color connect as long lost sisters, and together struggle with their identity & spirituality.

Green Light


Los Angeles • Comedy, Drama

After losing their car and savings, two lovers fight to build a life in LA while enduring the changes of an unstable industry.

Green Light


Atlanta • Comedy, LGBTQ

Mockumentary-style series about finding yourself through your friends, relationships or Outlandish moments in life we all experience.

Green Light

H-TOWN Series Season 1 "SHE GOT IT"

Houston • Romance, Drama

We follow the life of Falen, 19, high school graduate & homeless; she realizes that the family she chooses will be her only means for surviv

Green Light

Vivian Moon: Little Moon Rising

Chicago • Animation, Family

Moxie and a mouth full of teeth, Vivian violet must learn to brave lycathropy and her new home with her new dad, Will Awae.

Green Light

I Friggin Love you

Los Angeles • Drama, Romantic Comedy

Love can make you or break you.

Green Light


Arlington • Comedy

Two drug reps appear to have it together--but don't. Sex, race, religion--anything's on the table--so long as it's inappropriate.

Green Light



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