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"Slut: A Documentary Film"

California, United States

Sharing personal stories to explore how we can work toward a world that embraces female sexuality and supports victims of sexual assault.


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Who Is Jubiz? | ¿Quién es Jubiz?

Los Angeles, California Feature

This is the story of Colombia’s highest profile political assassination and the innocent man who took the fall.


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What Color is Blue

Philadelphia, Pennsylvania Feature
LGBTQ, Experimental

Two young queers question the difference between political action/inaction and life/death in a world that does not want them to exist.


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Like Glass

New York City, New York Short
Drama, LGBTQ

Gender-fluid beauty, Zion, discovers their freedom through the Avant Garde world of New York City Nightlife.


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Madrid, Spain Short
Drama, Foreign Film

There are millions of human slaves in the world- Vera is just one more. Hay milliones de esclavos en este mundo-Vera es solo una más.


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Rocky Jones

Seattle, Washington Short

In the midst of an abusive relationship Rocky Jones has to make a decision to follow a music scholarship, but against his girlfriends wishes


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America Inc. Prelude: Theory Of Mind

Portland, Oregon Short
Action, Sci-Fi

In a world controlled by corporations. A small group of dissidents tries to break free of company control.


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CLARKSTON: Mother of Exiles

Atlanta, Georgia Feature

Three refugees & a former Klansman seek to reestablish their identities in a nation struggling with an identity crisis of its own.


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Confessions from the Friendzone

Los Angeles, California Series
Comedy, Romantic Comedy

A girl tries to escape the friend zone with the love of her life by using advice from the internet.


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Window Shopping - Try Love on for Size

Jersey City, New Jersey Short
Romantic Comedy, LGBTQ

Window Shopping is about how we all crave to be seen, to be in intimate relationships, and how easily we can imagine them, even with strange


This project got the green light!

The Mark

Atlanta, Georgia Feature

Where we're going we don't need ropes...


This project got the green light!

Tom Cruise Is A Virgin: A Comedy Music Video

New York City, New York Music Video
Comedy, Music

Someone's gotta sleep with Tom Cruise.


This project got the green light!



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