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Danielle's Boat

Los Angeles • Drama, Family

Lonely and missing friends after moving, 14yr old Danielle builds a boat and takes on the neighbor bully who seeks to thwart her plans.

Green Light

Dead Winter

Atlanta • Drama, Horror

In a post-apocalyptic South, a young woman must decide whether to fight for her family's survival -- or leave them behind.

Green Light

A Moment In Time

New York • Drama, Romance

A young woman in Brooklyn finds an old photo that transports her to the life of her 1918 counterpart, proving that we are all connected.

Green Light

The Other Hand

New York • LGBTQ, Thriller

You're not out of control. Something else is.

Green Light

Between Heaven and Hell

Riverside • Drama, Fantasy

On 11/22/63, John F. Kennedy, CS Lewis and Aldous Huxley all died within moments of each other and meet in a place “somewhere beyond death”

Green Light

Conversations in Apartment 3A

New York • Comedy

A comedic web series about two women in their late-20s facing the realities of living in New York City.

Green Light


Los Angeles • Drama

When the murders of unarmed African American men seem never-ending, the women in their community must search for strength.

Green Light


Brooklyn • Comedy, Horror

Foxy zombie/vampires attack Brooklyn in retaliation for the declassification of Pluto as a planet.

Green Light

The Light of The Moon

Brooklyn • Drama

After her world is irrevocably changed, a successful New York City architect struggles to regain intimacy and control in her life.

Green Light

Camp Reel Stories

Oakland • Teen

Camp Reel Stories believes that when women and girls are better represented behind the scenes they will be better reflected on the screen.

Green Light

Shelby's Vacation

Los Angeles • Romance, LGBTQ

Vacationer Shelby and mountain resort manager Carol go on a healing journey of learning why they cling to unrealistic romantic fantasies.

Green Light

Come On In Film

Boston • Drama, Mystery

The coming-of-age story of a young artist of color whose search for purpose and identity brings him to the edge of his own sanity.

Green Light



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