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Seattle, Washington Film Short
Horror, Thriller

A kind caregiver watches over a deeply ill woman only to discover not everything appears as it seems and something far sinister lies within.


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Los Angeles, California Film Feature
Comedy, Drama

A suicidal man stumbles upon a ring that allows him to travel anywhere in the world with one condition: he can't go to the same place twice


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New York City, New York Film Short
Comedy, Drama

A woman becomes obsessed with returning a portable ramp to Home Depot, years after she bought it for her recently-deceased husband.


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Dallas, Texas Series
Comedy, Drama

A conflicted young professional wakes up on his 30th birthday in the midst of a quarter-life crisis. Perplexed at how he went to sleep one d


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Kendall's Dream

Rolla, Missouri Film Short
Drama, Fantasy

A girl stumbles upon an enchanted world only to discover its harmful secret.


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Los Angeles, California Film Short
Sci-Fi, Thriller

Society has a tendency to shove certain mental disorders into closeted spaces. It’s time to open the door and release the demons inside


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"Simple Things" (Wesleyan Film Thesis)

Middletown, Connecticut Film Short
Comedy, Drama

An old-fashioned Rabbi struggles with high-cholesterol while trying to find his footing in a community that he can hardly recognize.


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Raising the TXT Generation

San Francisco, California Film Short
Drama, Family

A protective father battles the horrific reality of his 11 year old daughter receiving 'sexts' from a classmate.


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The Things We Do When We're Alone (feature)

Brooklyn, New York Film Feature
Comedy, Drama

what happens when you don't just love music, but live by it.


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Architect Blues

Atlanta, Georgia Film Short
Drama, Other

A short film that explores the side hustle every black woman has that keeps her pockets empty.


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We Simply Can't

Denver, Colorado Film Short
Drama, Romance

Two individuals who are in love with each other, but because of cultural expectations it doesn't allow them to proceed forward.


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Finding Croatoan The 2nd Voyage

Hatteras, North Carolina Film Short
Documentary, History

Solving America's Oldest Mystery


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