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Dying to Run

New York • Documentary

A documentary following the lives of three athletes diagnosed with a debilitating rare disease.

Green Light

Chuck Lawson & the Night of the Invaders

Philadelphia • Comedy, Sci-Fi

When aliens land on Earth, ex-secret agent Chuck Lawson is called back to clear his soiled reputation by completing one final mission.

Green Light

Up on the Mountain

Port Townsend • Documentary

A documentary about Southeast Asian refugees, Latino immigrants, and rural Americans on a year-round migration to harvest wild mushrooms.

Green Light

The Giving Box

Fairhope • Drama, Fantasy

A stranger’s mysterious box brings joy to a small town, until an orphan steals the box and learns a lesson about true happiness.

Green Light

Mathilde Who Is Obsessed With Christmas

Los Angeles • Comedy

With nowhere to go on Christmas eve, Mathilde brings her Christmas cheer/obsession to a porn set.

Green Light

The Right Swipe

Chicago • Comedy, Romantic Comedy

When two best friends start a business fixing men's dating app profiles, how much will they f**k up their own love lives in the process?

Green Light

The Devil's Violinist

Los Angeles • Drama

A violinist walks the line between beauty and pain as he repays his debt to the Devil.

Green Light

Spirit of Tivaevae

Garden Grove • Documentary

The search for a missing piece of cultural identity takes one woman on a journey to the Cook Islands.

Green Light


Wisconsin and Upper Michigan • Comedy, Drama

A seminary student must reconnect with his estranged, drug dealing brother in order to put his hometown parishioners at peace.

Green Light

Lily 'N' Rose

Denver • Drama

Lily and Rose are best friends. When Rose abandons her, Lily flees into the wilderness, confronting something even more profound.

Green Light

Panthera Leo

Minneapolis • Thriller, Drama

When her older brother is murdered, a young girl sets out on her own to find his killer.

Green Light

Found in Eagle Rock

Los Angeles • Drama, Experimental

In NorthEast Los Angeles, a group of young local residents deal with finding themselves and being part of the neighborhood gentrification.

Green Light



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