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Hartford Short

Celebrating a decade of SWAN Day Connecticut performances - the scandalous, the beautiful, the uplifting; Support Women Artists Now.


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Seek Help (Season 2)

Springfield Series
Drama, Romantic Comedy

Dr. Pinkett was a child genius, a psychologist, and a husband. Now, he's a walking scandal with a vengeful ex-wife, a beard, and a tail.


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Deforming Stillness

Austin Series
Drama, Transmedia

Web series focused around people subjected to sexual harassment/assault and what forms in the silences.


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Walking with Me

New Hyde Park Short
Drama, Romance

Relationships are full of love. It's just how we show it that is important.


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Bleeding Backwards

Chicago Series

A series of short films that use movement and dance to examine the effects of the US prison system on individuals and their communities.


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Acts of Contrition

Hamden Short
Drama, Thriller

A faith-addled priest of a dwindling Catholic church uses his ride-sharing night job as a portal into a world he has been closed off from.


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Ride in Progress

Los Angeles Short

A female-driven, R-rated comedy about the daunting task of finding your way back to yourself and to your friends after a breakup


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Mama Gloria

Chicago Feature
Documentary, LGBTQ

Before Janet Mock and Laverne Cox, there was Gloria Allen.


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DIBS - Season 2

New York Series
Comedy, Romantic Comedy

DIBS is a series about two best friends and one serious relationship. Theirs.


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Coming Home: Celebrating the Women Airforce Service Pilots in 2017

Los Angeles Short

A group of the last surviving Women Airforce Service Pilots, all in their 90s, return to Avenger Field, for what may be their last reunion.


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People Will Not Believe

Los Angeles Short
Horror, Drama

Following a terrible and violent assault, a young woman works to make sense of her trauma in a modern reassessment of the vampire myth.


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WITHIN REACH Raising Funds for Post Production + Film Festival Submissions

Atlanta Short
Drama, Shorts Program

A plucky young woman bases her value on externale things only to find herself unfulfilled, must finally realize what makes her truly happy.


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