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A short film in 168 Hours

Dallas Short
Comedy, Drama

Given only 168 hours, a group of talented filmmakers struggle to create a quality short film.


This project got the green light!

The Boy and the Balloon (Short Film)

New York Short
Drama, LGBTQ

A young man's insecurity with his open relationship causes his mind to unravel, blurring the lines of reality and fantasy.


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Future Therapy

Los Angeles Series

Therapy in the year 2038 when dates are virtual reality, babies are gene edited, Alexa is now a fully functioning robot.


This project got the green light!

The Snare of the Fowler

Chattanooga Feature
Drama, Thriller

An expectant couple enjoy a quiet evening. Unforeseen events unfold and the husband finds himself trying to make it through the night alive.


This project got the green light!


Metuchen Feature
Drama, Science

Unable to accept her daughter's sudden death, Dr. Lauren Atwood, attempts to clone her deceased daughter and carry the clone to term.


This project got the green light!

You're The Pest

New York Series
Comedy, Family

Two estranged childhood friends, Alex and Marissa, unexpectedly inherit their families' extermination company in Queens.


This project got the green light!

The Thin Green Line

Los Angeles Feature

The Trump administration wants to hire thousands of new Border Patrol agents, but has the agency left behind its shockingly violent past?


This project got the green light!

Who's Paisley? (An Expression of Love)

St. Louis Short
Drama, Music

In the midst of a manic episode, a young, eccentric songwriter must confront her conscience-stricken, veteran father.


This project got the green light!

Dying to Run

New York Feature

A documentary following the lives of three athletes diagnosed with a debilitating rare disease.


This project got the green light!

Chuck Lawson & the Night of the Invaders

Philadelphia Feature
Comedy, Sci-Fi

When aliens land on Earth, ex-secret agent Chuck Lawson is called back to clear his soiled reputation by completing one final mission.


This project got the green light!

Up on the Mountain

Port Townsend Feature

A documentary about Southeast Asian refugees, Latino immigrants, and rural Americans on a year-round migration to harvest wild mushrooms.


This project got the green light!

The Giving Box

Fairhope Short
Drama, Fantasy

A stranger’s mysterious box brings joy to a small town, until an orphan steals the box and learns a lesson about true happiness.


This project got the green light!



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