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Los Angeles, California Film Short
Romance, Sci-Fi

A woman struggling in a post-apocalyptic wasteland discovers a VR machine and finds love while repeating the same VR sunset over and over.


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The Vigilante Chronicles (Campaign)

Philadelphia, Pennsylvania Series
Action, Drama

A teenage girl is faced to crime, police brutality, sexual identity, after she gains enhanced human abilities.


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Pineapple 菠蘿

Hong Kong, Hong Kong Series
Teen, Drama

In Hong Kong, a group of teenagers struggle for cultural validation while planning a fashion show at their international high school.


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Someone Will Assist You Shortly

Hampton Bays, New York Film Feature
Drama, LGBTQ

A gay hospice nurse climbs back into the closet to care for his abusive dad and the behaviorally challenging nephew he never knew he had.


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San Francisco, California Film Short

A young woman gets unexpected help overcoming a traumatic experience from a mysterious stranger.


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Boomers (Season 2)

Santa Clarita, California Series
Comedy, Family

A comic look at baby boomers growing old - sometimes gracefully, sometimes not so much.


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Trace Amounts

Durham, North Carolina Film Short
Crime, Thriller

Was there a crime if you can't prove it?


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Austin, Texas Film Short
Comedy, Satire

Hit by puberty, the son of prolific actors quits the school play. But when his replacement is eaten alive in the first act, he’s on in 15.


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It’s a Wonderful Plight

Dallas, Texas Film Feature

A Hip Hop Musical explaining 400 years of Black people in America through song.


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Don't Die

Huntsville, Alabama Film Feature
Crime, Thriller

Driven to steal life-saving medicine, a desperate man ends up on the run and at the mercy of a black market pharmacy.


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The Longshot Collective

Jamul, California Film Feature
Adventure, Comedy

This multi-part dark-comedy offers glimpses into the lives of over 20 people, on the same desert road, over the span of five decades.


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New York City, New York Film Short
Drama, Family

A grad student's life is turned upside down when he is named the guardian for his little cousin.


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