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Why you should make a movie in Texas

There's no sales tax on equipment purchased for film production. That's everything from cameras to computers!

Shooting in Dallas

  • Dallas is a hub for advertising and corporations, so it has a massive local film production crew base. There are many studio locations, equipment suppliers, rental houses and post-production facilities.
  • Dallas has a large range of locations from busy downtown hubs to grassy hills and other standing indoor and outdoor sets that can be modified to specific uses.
  • Dallas has an inclusive film community atmosphere where we help each other. Many networking opportunities are available through industry associations, festivals, local screenings and other often free production workshops.

Shooting in Austin

  • Austin's talented crew base will give you more production value per-dollar spent, while the infrastructure is in place for production, including studio space and equipment suppliers.
  • Austin has hill country, lakes & farmland all within 30 minutes of downtown, which is surrounded by Americana small towns time has forgotten, perfect for a period piece.
  • Austin's local government supports filmmakers, providing free right-of-way permitting along with competitive local and state incentives

Local Prizes

Austin Film Society

Austin Film Society

Win a free screening for a local Texas winner at the AFS Cinema.

The Texas Theatre

The Texas Theatre

Win a free screening for a local Texas winner at The Texas Theatre.

Join the Hometown Heroes Crowdfunding Rally to make your Texas feature film a reality! Not only will you showcase the diverse stories and resources of Texas, you'll be eligible for up to $25,000 and a chance for the Duplass Brothers to executive produce your project.
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