Re: Project Greenlight Digital Studios and Seed&Spark present: The Untold Story Crowdfunding Rally (the "Rally")

To enter the Rally and become a “Contestant”, each entrant must abide by the following rules and agrees to be bound by same:

  1. The entrant must have a documentary in production (i.e. meaningful footage has been shot and can be provided upon request).
  2. The entrant must raise a minimum of $10,000 and obtain 500 followers on the Site to qualify for the finals.
  3. Entrant must post a minimum of one video update per week for their followers throughout the duration of the contest, and one video per month during production.
  4. Each entrant must be willing and able to agree to these Rally Official Rules at time of entry and throughout the Rally, with the understanding that the ten (10) Rally finalists will be required to sign contracts containing the Rally Official Rules (and other terms that Rally organizers deem reasonable and necessary); failure to so agree will result in any entrant (including any finalist) being disqualified from the Rally.
  5. The Rally winner will be chosen from among the finalists, and will be eligible to receive: (i) matching funds from Project Greenlight Digital Studios of up to $15,000; (ii) matching funds from Seed&Spark of $5,000; (iii) distribution via Seed&Spark’s platforms; and (iv) marketing/promotional support in line with the project’s distribution plan as determined by the Rally organizers with meaningful consultation from winner (with all such awards to be subject to customary terms and conditions via certain written agreements as required by Rally organizers, which agreements will be provided to the ten (10) finalists prior to a winner being selected).
  6. In order to be considered as a finalist, the entrant must provide a final budget and reasonable supporting materials for the entrant’s project, which materials must include an accounting of funds available to and used by entrant in furtherance of the project, and what funds remain necessary to complete entrant’s project; the requirements provided for herein will be reviewed and analyzed by the Rally organizers in order to determine a project’s viability and likelihood of completion, which analysis will be used in determining whether an entrant is to become a finalist, and which determinations shall be made by the Rally organizers in their sole discretion prior to determining all finalists and, ultimately, a winner.
  7. The Rally winner must have the right to and agree that (i) Adaptive Studios, Inc. will receive a fifteen percent (15%) share of all revenues earned by the exploitation of the finished project; (ii) Seed&Spark will receive its customary distribution fees and, in its sole discretion, a production company credit (which may be animated), on screen, on a separate card, substantially in the form of "In association with Seed&Spark”, the size, placement and duration of such credit to be no less favorable than any other production company credit; and (iii) Adaptive shall have the right, in its sole and absolute discretion, to: (a) designate one (1) individual to receive an executive producer credit, on screen, on a separate card, the size, style, placement and duration of such credit to be not less favorable than the size, style, placement and duration of the credit accorded to any other executive producer credit; and (b) receive a production company credit (which may be animated), on screen, on a separate card, substantially in the form of "In association with Adaptive Studios”, the size, placement and duration of such credit to be no less favorable than any other production company credit.
  8. If an entrant has a fiscal sponsor attached or associated with such entrant’s project, it is the sole responsibility of the entrant to ensure that winning the Rally would not negatively effect such fiscal sponsorship or sponsor, and the entrant must provide proof of same to the Rally organizers upon becoming a finalist.
  9. As a condition precedent to becoming a Contestant, each entrant hereby agrees that with respect to the Rally and such entrant’s Rally submission only, Seed&Spark’s Terms of Service Section XI shall be amended so that all rights granted and representations/warranties made to “Seed&Spark” or “Company” shall extend to Project Greenlight Digital Studios and Adaptive Studios, Inc. and its (and, for the avoidance of doubt, Seed&Spark’s) parent companies, affiliates, subsidiaries, officers, directors, employees, advertising and promotion partners and agencies.
Failure by any entrant to comply with the above shall result in disqualification from the Rally, with no further obligation or liability on the Rally organizers whatsoever.



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