Hey, I'm Andrew Paul!

Bloomington, Indiana

I'm a writer, filmmaker, and sometimes-musician currently residing in Bloomington, Indiana.

My debut first feature-length film Palace crowdfunded on Seed&Spark as a finalist in the inaugural Hometown Heroes rally. It made its debut at the 2018 Heartland International Film Festival, and has gone on to the RiverRun International Film Festival along with a host of independent screenings. It's slated for a digtal release July 2019.

My Projects

Projects I'm Supporting

An Offering

Chicago Short

Lonely and poor, Randall seeks connection on a train until confronted by a dubious offer.


This project got the green light!

Three Bedrooms

Fort Lauderdale Feature

A family stays home while a hurricane passes through Florida and as the storm hits, another one makes its presence known in the household.


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42 Seconds

Atlanta Short

After two strangers share a connection; one of them questions the encounter after discovering the tragedy that brought them together.


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Forever Red

Baltimore Short
Drama, Mystery

Two former intelligence operatives from the cold war reunite 40 years later and are forced to confront a dark secret from their past.


This project got the green light!


New York Short
Drama, Foreign Film

When a young mother takes a risk to provide for her daughter, a stranger turns her transgression into a nightmare.


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Cranes, Mafiosos and a Polaroid Camera

Kearney Short
Drama, Experimental

A paranoid late night phone call becomes a reflection on nature and death, in the calm expanse of a crane sanctuary.


This project got the green light!

The Mile Ground

Morgantown Feature
Drama, Mystery

The contents of a strange safety deposit box send an opioid addict down a risky road that will lead to her redemption or final destruction


This project got the green light!

Parallel Chords

St. Louis Feature
Drama, Music

A young violinist struggles to break free from her pianist father to find her own voice.


This project got the green light!

Project Gaslight

Rochester Feature
Horror, Thriller

New tenants harbor a secret that jeopardizes a young family as the pregnant wife descends into paranoia and delusion.


This project got the green light!

Lost Bayou

Lafayette Feature
Drama, Family

A struggling addict ventures out into the Louisiana swamp to discover that her estranged faith healer father is hiding a troubling secret.


This project got the green light!

A Room Full of Nothing

Austin Feature
Adventure, Romance

In this Swiss Army Man meets Eternal Sunshine adventure an artistic couple's life takes a bizarre turn when they wake up alone in the world.


This project got the green light!

ACID TEST (feature film)

Houston Feature
Comedy, Drama

The absurdly dramatic coming-of-age story of a teenage girl who launches a rebellion when she drops acid and goes home to her parents.


This project got the green light!

"SURE-FIRE" - Development Funding Phase II

New York Feature
Comedy, Crime

SURE-FIRE is a comedy about a NYC con man having a mid-life crisis who stumbles into becoming a movie producer to pay off gangsters.


This project got the green light!


Bloomington Feature

The family-fractured lives of a stubborn mechanic, a retired widower, and a repressed college student intertwine at a bar in rural Indiana.


This project got the green light!

Just Like The Men

Bellingham Feature
Comedy, History

Two girls find a lost screenplay and decide to give history the middle finger.


This project got the green light!

Start Breaking My Heart

Los Angeles Short
Romantic Comedy, Shorts Program

A Columbia University's School of the Arts Thesis Project


This project got the green light!


Los Angeles Short
Romance, Sci-Fi

A woman struggling in a post-apocalyptic wasteland discovers a VR machine and finds love while repeating the same VR sunset over and over.


This project got the green light!

Rich Kids

Houston Feature

A group of Latino teens in a poor community break into Los Ricos, a local mansion, to forget their difficult lives and live a different one.


This project got the green light!

Catnip Nation

Valley Cottage Feature

Meet the unseen and unsung heroes caring for feral cats while fighting angry neighbors, animal control officers, politicians, developers.


This project got the green light!

Her-POW! New Adventures of Vintage Comic Book Heroines!

Los Angeles Series
Action, Other

All new live-action adventures from 3 heroines from the Golden Age of comic books: The Woman in Red, The Veiled Avenger, and Ghost Woman!


This project got the green light!


Los Angeles Short
Drama, Shorts Program

Frustrated at her inability to accurately remember a particular time of happiness in her life, Minny sets out to find it again.


This project got the green light!

Faye's Redemption


When the end comes, who will be waiting for you?


This project got the green light!

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