Hey, I'm David!

Klamath Falls, Oregon

My name is David West. I'm a 28-year-old freelance filmmaker from the mythical State of Jefferson. I grew up in a tiny northern California mountain town of 300-some people called Seiad Valley, and I currently live in Klamath Falls, Oregon with my wife Kassie and our two young children, Scarlett and Kirk. I run a small production company here called Buck The System and I spend what little downtime I have with my family and exploring God's magnificent creation.


At the moment I mostly make a living doing small commercials and corporate videos, but narrative filmmaking is my true passion. I love telling stories that are thrilling, moving, important, and true to my Christian faith and ruggedly individualism. As a fully self-taught filmmaker I've spent the last seven years working constantly to refine my skills as a writer, director, cinematographer, and editor. In that time I've directed more than ten narrative short films, half a dozen documentary shorts, and countless commercials, PSAs, and corporate videos.



In 2017, I released my most ambitious project yet: a feature length musical adaptation of the classic allegorical fantasy novel The Pilgrim's Progress that I directed, shot, and edited for my church, Rogue Valley Fellowship on a budget of just $2,500. As a guy who trends more towards the dark and brooding, I never in a million years would have guessed that my first feature film would be a family-friendly musical. But for all it's flaws and limitations, I'm quite proud of the end result and I think it's a good example of what I can accomplish for virtually nothing. You can watch the trailer here if you're interested in checking it out, and the full film is on YouTube to watch for free! (I always reccomend pulling it up on your Smart TV's YouTube app if you have one!) The film premiered to around 800 people and in less than a year it has amassed over 100K completely organic views on YouTube, which has been very humbling and exciting to watch!



My next goal as a filmmaker is to make a bigger, better feature film with a respectable mid-6-figure budget. For several years now I've been developing a script called In the Shadow of the Valley, a genre-bending rural thriller about a young pastor named Mark Everest who takes on the unenviable task of re-building a disgraced rural church twenty years after the previous pastor murdered a social worker and was implicated in the disappearance of a teenage girl. At first things go swimmingly for Mark and his family, but after a string of bizarre deaths rock the tiny mountain community once again, Mark finds himself forced to play detective in order to protect his family and unravel the dark and disturbing secrets hiding in the shadow of the valley.


And that brings me here! With my script finally almost ready, I'm turning to Seed & Spark to raise the development funds I need to really get this project off the ground.

My Projects

Projects I'm Supporting


Portland, Oregon Film Feature
Comedy, Drama

Nora, a broke actress, and her younger brother Scotty drive from Portland to Seattle so she can attend a dinner hosted by her wealthy ex.


This project got the green light!

Beyond the Shadows

Sedro-Woolley, Washington Film Feature
Horror, Comedy

A ghost hunter with his band of misfits explore the paranormal activity of massacred Native American spirits at the Chetco River Lodge.


This project got the green light!


Portland, Oregon Film Feature
Drama, Fantasy

A tale about a homeless immortal woman taken in by a Portlander.


This project got the green light!


Syracuse, New York Film Feature
Comedy, Drama

Hudson is a dramedy about two distant cousins that take a trip in an old Volvo to scatter one of their late mother's ashes.


This project got the green light!

Broker 2

New York, United States Film Feature
Comedy, Thriller

A small-town serial killer moves from his usual hunting grounds to the Big Apple, where he finds it hard to adjust to city living.


This project got the green light!


Austin, Texas Film Feature
Crime, Satire

A young black journalist & an angry alt-right militiaman team up to uncover a child trafficking ring hidden in a pizzeria's basement.


This project got the green light!

Thunderbolt In Mine Eye

Portland, Oregon Film Feature
Drama, Teen

Two young neighbors embark on a first love relationship in which they struggle to remain kids amid the complexities of modern adolescence.


This project got the green light!

In the Shadow of the Valley

Klamath Falls, Oregon Film Feature
Film-Noir, Thriller

When mysterious forces threaten the family and church of a rural pastor, he's forced to play detective to unravel a disturbing mystery.


This project got the green light!

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