Hey, I'm Diana!

Santa Monica, California

German film producer, director & screen writer.

Member of FILM FATALES http://www.filmfatales.org/members/ dianacignoni

Diana modeled in Europe and the USA for many years before she started directing. Diana has a unique educational background, having been taught by mentor Charlie Laughton (friend & mentor to Al Pacino) Penelope Allen, Mark Rydell and Martin Landau at The Actor's Studio. Elisabeth Dillon @ The HB Studio NYC, Geraldine Baron & Lance Lane. Diana also won multiple awards as a KOAN member of the Odyssey Theatre Los Angeles under the direction of Ron Sossi and is a board member of the Odyssey Theatre http://odysseytheatre.com. Born and raised in Germany Diana now resides and works in Los Angeles. She is the founder of Ground Hero Film.

Director’s Statement: I tend to take a documentary approach to the storytelling that is both participatory and voyeuristic. The cinematic language allows space for performances as we strive for authenticity. I favor a minimalistic, documentary approach, lightning from outside, using natural light when possible, shooting scenes in oners for spontaneity and effect as well as multiple cameras to let the performances unfold. It's all about stripping the artifice of filmmaking away and reaching for something true and authentic. When we shoot I discover more in the moment and I embrace the unknown, it feeds me. I do love rehearsals as a guided approach on a feature. Improvisation is a great tool as well in rehearsal and sometimes during a take. The script is an idea, not a finished reality. I take liberties with it. I take advantage of stuff that is coming to me that is not written on the page. I can’t make a movie that is alive if it’s pre-planned. The way I approach writing my films is the way I make films: the moment a film chooses me it will arrive & unfold in its own time... it should always be naked & willing. I have always felt a strong pull towards iconic moments of beauty and the surreal quality of random existence and

that sensibility informs my cinematic work.

Director's Reel: https://vimeo.com/86996632


*Winner Best Feature Length Film* 2016 SaMo Indie *Winner Audience Choice Award* 2016 SaMo Indie

*Official Selection* 2016 UK WEBFEST

*Official Selection* 2016 SaMo Indie

*Official Selection* 2016 SaMo Indie
*Official Selection* 2016 TIF Video Challenge
*Official Selection* 2015 Nikon European Film Festival

Palm Trees
*Official Selection* 2016 Hollywood Boulevard Film Festival *Official Selection* 2016 TIF Video Challenge
*Official Selection* 2016 Ozark Shorts
*Winner Best Narrative Short* 2015 SaMo Indie
*Official Selection* 2015 UCFF Dublin

One Weekend
• Official Selection* 2016 China Woman's Film Festival *Official Selection* 2015 SMC Film Club
*Official Selection* 2015 Sir Charlie Darwin Movie Battle *Winner Audience Choice Award* 2014 SaMo Indie

*Official Selection* 2014 Big Island Film Festival
*Official Selection* 2014 Julien Dubuque International Film Festival

One Weekend links:

https://www.amazon.com/One-Weekend-Denise-Blasor/dp/B01AK5UU1I/ ref=sr_1_13?s=instant- video&ie=UTF8&qid=1458929899&sr=1-13&keywords=stadium+media

https://play.google.com/store/movies/details/One_Weekend? id=DnoEk5lajls&hl=en


https://www.microsoft.com/en-us/store/movies/one-weekend/ 8d6kgx0b7zhf

*Winner Best Web Series* 2013 MakeMySeries Competition

It’s So Much Like Luck You Know
*Official Selection* 2004 Topanga Film Festival

Hollywood Forever
*Official Selection* 2003 LA Shorts Fest

Jade- Portrait of a Street Hustler
*Official Selection* 2001 New York International Film Festival *Official Selection* 2001 Los Angeles international Film Festival

The Goethe-Institut Los Angeles, German Currents Film Festival Los Angeles, Vital Hemp, Febi Bilstein, Amica, FHM Collections, Cosmopolitan, Playboy & Port Magazine .

Diana received an Endorsement letter from Al Pacino in 2014 highlighting her work as a director.


'Seeing is Believing: Women Direct' by Cady McClain a documentary series on women who direct

Diana Cignoni on ‘The Method Actor Speaks’

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