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New York, New York

The unlikely connection between a teen without a home and a deafblind man, made in partnership with the Helen Keller National Center to cast a deafblind actor.


Feeling Through follows the story of Tereek, a kind but guarded teen wandering the streets of New York, desperate for a place to crash, and his encounter with Artie, a deafblind man in need of help getting home. What begins as an awkward meeting between strangers becomes a intimate bond between friends, and a nightlong journey that forever changes Tereek. It takes someone who can neither see nor hear Tereek to really know him, and in turn, inspire him to realize his own sense of purpose.


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Los Angeles • Drama, Family

teen sisters surviving childhood being raised by absentee parents dealing with mental illness.

10 days left



Portland • Drama, Fantasy

A tale about a homeless immortal woman taken in by a Portlander.

1 day left


Inbetween Girl

Galveston • Comedy, Teen

Angie's life becomes even more complicated when she begins an affair with a popular jock at her new private school.

1 day left


Ghost Poachers

Foster • Horror

A team of paranormal investigators takes on more than they bargained for when they look into an infamous haunt in a small Rhode Island town.

1 day left


Stuffing the Turkey

Chicago • Comedy, Drama

A Latinx family who struggles with its identity as heritage, society, & technology have shaped them in their own uniquely American way.

1 day left



Natchitoches • Drama, Music

RUNAROUND SUE is a small-town Southern bartender known for breaking hearts... until THE WANDERER comes to town.

1 day left


Feeling Through

New York • Drama

The unlikely connection between a teen without a home and a deafblind man.

Green Light

The Songwriter

Los Angeles • Drama, Music

A singer/songwriter abandons her dream and moves to LA. After a chance meeting with a bar owner, he gives her the opportunity to sing again.

24 days left



New Orleans • Comedy, Drama

Each consumed with indecision, two women help each other find some sort of clarity in a brief chance meeting.

Green Light

Big Girl

New York • Comedy

A plus-size woman in NYC navigates our size-obsessed culture with cynical humor and unapologetic self-love.

Green Light

Passion & Progress

Lakeland • Documentary

When people of color set out an ambitious goal to reach their highest potential, only to be faced with societal barriers.

Green Light

The Vth Column

Los Angeles • Horror, Sci-Fi

Horror/Scifi series. Episode 1. A couple flees from a stranger, who refused to let them out of his car, after hitching a ride.

Green Light


Los Angeles • Comedy, Drama

After losing their car and savings, two lovers fight to build a life in LA while enduring the changes of an unstable industry.

Green Light

I Friggin Love you

Los Angeles • Drama, Romantic Comedy

Love can make you or break you.

Green Light

Curls For Humanity

Chicago • Comedy, Other

After living a carefree lavish existence in Los Angeles, biracial sisters are forced to migrate to Chicago where they explore their racial i

2 days left


Lab 99: The Sci-Fi Fantasy Feature Film

Chicago • Sci-Fi

Trapped in a dead end job and unfulfilling marriage, Siri meets a stranger from space who helps her reconnect w/ her passion for the stars.

Green Light

Straight Up

Los Angeles • LGBTQ, Romantic Comedy

A romantic comedy-drama about intellectual soul mates. He might be gay. She might not care.

Green Light


New York • Comedy

Bilingual, Underrepresented, Titless, Sallies. We are spoofing Latino stereotypes on TV!

Green Light

Rich Kids

Houston • Drama, Teen

A group of Latino teens in a poor community break into Los Ricos, a local mansion, to forget their difficult lives and live a different one.

Green Light


New York • Drama

To complete her thesis, a PhD candidate must get the Holocaust testimony of her estranged grandmother.

Green Light

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