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Kratom (scientific name Mitragyna speciosa) is a tree native to Southeast Asia, and belongs to the same family as coffee. However, it isn't just a drink like coffee. The leaves of Kratom are widely used as a recreational substance. This is because the leaves of Kratom plant contain about 40 alkaloids, resulting in soothing effects. The leaves of the Kratom plant are crushed, and then consumed by dissolving in either water or any other liquid of choice. Generally, 1-2g of Kratom results in calm mind, increased focus, and better logical ability. 4-5g of Kratom results in a 'high'; one feels dizzy, and happy. It also may result in a person becoming more social and better at striking conversations with strangers. For best effect, Kratom is dissolved in water and taken. However, this solution is bitter and grainy and may not suit everyone. A popular way is dissolving Kratom in chocolate milk and consuming the solution. The chocolate milk is said to completely cover the bitter taste of Kratom, and leads to effective absorption as well. Some people also take Kratom in the form of Capsules, however that only provides a limited quantity and takes time to create effect. Many varieties of Kratom are available commercially, depending on the plant type as well as the area of growth. The three primary categories of Kratom are classified on the basis of the color of the Leaf vein. The color is said to indicate the quantity of different alkaloids, and hence result in varied effects. The primary three types are:


  1. White Vein Kratom:

White vein Kratom leaves have a faint white color if lead veins, and are said to be more energizing and contributing to a positive mood. They are sometimes used as a substitute for caffeine to improve mental alertness, increase concentration and endurance. It is said to remove feelings of fatigue and stress, without any negative effects like anxiety.


  1. Red Vein Kratom:

Red Vein Kratom is primarily used as a relaxant. It helps to calm the mind, release tension, and provide a sense of well being. It is found to be particularly effective in insomniacs, acting as a sleep inducer. It is much safer than most sleeping pills available commercially. Another use has been found as pain killers as an alternative to traditional tablets and opioids.


  1. Green Vein Kratom:

This strain of Kratom provides effects which are a combination of both red and white vein Kratom. It is said to provide a mild boost of energy, and also helps in achieving a calm state. The major advantage of Green vein Kratom is that if mixed with Red or White Kratom, it can effectively provide a person their desired intensity of reactions, as well as remove any drowsiness or anxiety.


Commercially, Kratom is sold not only as per the vein color, but also according to the Geographic location where it is grown. For eg. Red Bali Kratom is grown in Bali, while Red Thai Kratom is grown in Thailand. Both these varieties are Red Vein Kratom, yet differ in their effects. This is because the soil of the location also influences the amount of alkaloids in the leaf.

One cannot determine the best form of Kratom as it is a matter of personal preference of effects. It is not harmful to health when taken in limited amounts, and is a blessing for people suffering from opium addiction.

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