Hey, I'm Jeff!

New York, New York

Hailing from the south shores of Massachusetts, Jeff MacKinnon is a proud SAG-AFTRA actor and working comedian with an eclectic background as a performer and writer.  While touring clubs and colleges as a stand-up and improviser for nearly a decade, Jeff founded Carry On Productions in order to produce original, durable, transportable works of art – on stage, screen, canvas and page – that defy the limitation of resources.  As a writer/performer, he has contributed to MTV’s “Ridiculousness,” Recycled Babies Sketch Comedy, Byron Allen’s “Who Wants to Date a Comedian,” The Meredith Viera Show, and The Doctors while creating and producing episodic series “Critical Darlings,” “Served Cold,” and “One Sided Argument.”  MOW will be his first feature film as a writer/director, selected from a half-dozen original screenplays developed by Carry On Productions.

Projects I'm Supporting

The Mile Ground

Morgantown, West Virginia Film Feature
Drama, Mystery

The contents of a strange safety deposit box send an opioid addict down a risky road that will lead to her redemption or final destruction


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The Cold Days of Summer

Utica, New York Film Feature
Crime, Drama

A boxer battles injury, criminals, and an authoritarian school board to save his scholarship and learn the true cost of the American dream


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Emma Was Here

Medford, Oregon Film Feature

A terminally-ill woman goes on a trip with friends before deciding whether she will go through with her choice of physician-assisted dying.


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Gleahan and the Knaves of Industry

Duluth, Minnesota Film Feature
Adventure, Comedy

An opportunistic asshole joins the quest of a delusional man who thinks he’s in a fantasy world.


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Give And Take

Asheville, North Carolina Film Feature
Comedy, Documentary

In this sincere comedy about parenting, a father who's lost custody of his rebellious daughter kidnaps her in a plan to save her future.


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Little Evil Bookshop

Seattle, Washington Film Feature
Comedy, Satire

When the world's most powerful occult leader visits a modest mystic bookshop, its owner must impress him at all costs.


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Stockton, California Film Feature
Crime, Drama

"nēar" follows 17-year-old Julian upon his escape from the hospital on Christmas Eve, the day which is literally the last day of his life.


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The Place in Between

Austin, Texas Film Feature
Comedy, Drama

What could possibly go wrong when a mom and her teenage daughter meet for the first time on a road trip across TX? . . . Everything.


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I'll Be Around

Los Angeles, California Film Feature
Drama, Comedy

Against the backdrop of a post-punk music festival, a handful of 30-somethings deal with a wide variety of social and philosophical issues


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High Note

Friday Harbor, Washington Film Feature
Crime, Musical

Just your everyday druggie, dramedy, indie musical filled to the brim with Germans, Jesus, banjos, bongos, and backstabbings.


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Test: A Classic American Story....On Steroids

New Philadelphia, Tuscarawas County Film Feature
Sport, LGBTQ

A young bodybuilder living in Ohio defies his religious mother when he follows the county's best coach into a world of steroid abuse


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What Lies West

Santa Rosa, California Film Feature
Adventure, Drama

Two girls desperate to create their own adventure set out into the wilderness of California on a daring hike to the coast.


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Mini Lights

Saint Petersburg, Florida Film Feature

A group of skaters roams the haunted nooks of St. Petersburg Fl. where an unquenchable tragedy watches from the darkness waiting for a host.


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Jersey City, New Jersey Film Feature
Sci-Fi, Thriller

While recovering at his estranged childhood home from cochlear implant surgery, Xerxes spirals down the rabbit hole and may never climb out.


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Minneapolis (the movie)

Minneapolis, Minnesota Film Feature
Comedy, Family

A cocky news anchor team gets stuck "mentoring" an at-risk teen. Shenanigans and dastardly weather conditions ensue…


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Phoenixville, Pennsylvania Film Feature
Adventure, Comedy

Two misfits adventure out to prove the existence of a local mythological creature.


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Fantastic Santa Monaco

Los Angeles, California Film Feature
Drama, Satire

A film about a group of performance artists who are looking for love, connection and significance in Los Angeles.


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Bitter Taste

New York City, New York Film Short

A dark drama about a Scottish Michelin-star Chef who relives memories of his childhood through cooking.


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