Hey, I'm Jennie!

Los Angeles, California

I've been telling stories ever since I could talk. And I've been writing them down ever since I could fold a piece of paper in half and call it a "book." There's a story in every corner of every room - and there's a great storyteller waiting to share something with you if you just take a moment to listen. I enjoy both: telling stories and listening to others... to experience a moment in someone else's journey is a very special treat. 


My journey began in New York, where I grew up in the verdant, sea-sprayed suburb of Merrick, New York, where we rode our bikes all summer long, mounted carnivals in eachother's backyards, and played up and down the block until the street lamps came on. My friends and I were always putting on shows: magic shows, puppet shows, gynmastic shows... we even restaged our own versions of many Broadway productions (our all-white version of The Wiz was an instant classic), and many voices were lost trying to belt out songs from Annie over and over and over... Then I got even nerdier in high school and became president of the drama club and vice-prez of choir (or vice-versa, it didn't really matter back then, either), and went to college, and fell in love with a lot of boys. I followed one of those boys out to Los Angeles, which is where I met my husband (a different boy) and stayed. We have two boys we are very proud of (and not humble-proud. Like, shout from the roof, these are some great, friggin' people we got here.) I act and write and keep my day jobs until those first two things can financially support us. Fortunately, I enjoy my day jobs (as a personal assistant and a private tour guide). 


I love stories that lift people up. Literally. Throw a kid on a bike and have him sail across the moon and I'm in a puddle on the floor. That's movie magic - and that's one of the reasons I love the movies... to be lifted up all the way to the moon.


As a woman in this crazy business, we're often left sitting in chairs, waiting in the wings. I love telling stories for women, about women, and with other women. I want to give women and girls a chance to sail across the moon. Maybe even on a bike. 


JENNIE FAHN is the writer/performer of Under The Jello Mold, the one-woman comedy that won  Best Solo Performance and Producer's Encore awards at the 2017 Hollywood Fringe Festival, and subsequently ran for a year in Los Angeles. Jennie adapted the play into a screenplay, now on The Black List. Her previous one-woman show,You Mutha! A One-Mother Show, ran for two years in LA and was part of the New York Fringe Festival. She won best-writing awards for her short film Tea With Grandma (in which she co-starred opposite Tippi Hedren), and wrote the book to Broads! The Musical (music by Joe Symon). She was one-third of the The Jersey Girls, a three-woman comedy team that performed extensively throughout Southern California.  Screen credits include: Gloria, Spinning Man, Muse, TV: I'm Dying Up Here, The Middle, One Day at a Time, Without A Trace, Heroes, Ruby and the Rockits, My Name is Earl, Will and Grace, The Bernie Mac Show and Becker. In the Los Angeles theater scene, Jennie has been seen in Pride and Prejudice (Actor's Co-op), in several Troubie shows at the Falcon Theater (Jackson Frost, Alice In One-Hit Wonderland 1 and 2), Gladiator: The Musical (El Portal), Amadeus (Hollywood Bowl), The Wild Party and Roar of the Greasepaint (Musical Theater Guild), Up The Week Without A Paddle (Neurotic Young Urbanites), A New Brain and Merrily We Roll Along (West Coast Ensemble), and Wonderful Town (Reprise!). Jennie is the proud wife of Jonathan and mom of Harry and Sammy.

My Projects

Projects I'm Supporting

The Book Club

Los Angeles • Comedy

Carol starts a book club to meet her new neighbors. Only one arrives and boy, he's a doozy!

Green Light

Her-POW! New Adventures of Vintage Comic Book Heroines!

Los Angeles • Action, Other

All new live-action adventures from 3 heroines from the Golden Age of comic books: The Woman in Red, The Veiled Avenger, and Ghost Woman!

Green Light


Los Angeles • Drama

Four ambitious women attempt to achieve their own definition of success while dealing with the struggles of being a millennial in Hollywood.

Green Light

The Benefits of Gusbandry

Portland • Comedy, LGBTQ

Love is so gay. One Woman, One Man, a lot of weed, a little crying and NO sexual attraction whatsoever. "Hilarious, irreverent.." - OUT.com

Green Light


Los Angeles • Animation, Fantasy

The macabre account of a man whose inner demons drive him to seek redemption in the aftermath of bloodshed.

Green Light

Don't Talk About the Baby

Washington • Documentary

There shouldn't be a stigma surrounding miscarriage, stillbirth or infertility. This has happened to someone you know--Let's talk about it.

Green Light


Los Angeles • Comedy, LGBTQ

Jean and Jacob want to get their shit together, but Jean and Jacob need to get drunk first.

Green Light

Ordinary Women

San Francisco • Animation, History

Feminist Frequency's new video series about defying stereotypes, challenging the status quo, and being extraordinary.

Green Light

If You Can't Fly, Then Run

New Orleans • Drama, Thriller

Power and poverty stand on opposing sides of the status quo. Even in the darkness, how we seek change matters.

Green Light


Los Angeles • Drama, Shorts Program

Recently diagnosed with Schizophrenia, Janie, ventures to LA where she finds freedom inspired by a friendship with the fantastical Pixie.

Green Light


Los Angeles • Comedy, Drama

Sometimes a door opens where you least expect it…

Green Light

The Long Haul

Seattle • Comedy, Documentary

Magic Mike meets The Full Monty in a documentary featuring six "Average Joes"

Green Light


Austin • Drama, Mystery

Actress Anne Tate juggles celebrity spotlight and public scrutiny, amidst a looming paranoia - a feeling that someone is always watching.

Green Light

Things I Hate

New York • Comedy

A nice gal endures the indignities and humiliations of life in the big city, one episode at a time.

Green Light

Bad Kids

Cape Girardeau • Thriller, Crime

We all have a bad streak in us.

Green Light

Must Fool Everyone

Saint Louis • Comedy

Must Fool Everyone is a comedic short about a quirky guy mistaking an offer from his dream girl for playing the role of a lifetime.

Green Light

About Strangers

Los Angeles • Experimental, Drama

An ethereal and meditative journey that follows three drifters seeking an escape from their cycles of dissatisfaction and apathy.

Green Light

The Camel's Back

Nairobi • Drama, Fantasy

A beautiful short film exploring what healing and letting go can mean for a 13 year old teenage girl struggling with growing pains.

Green Light

Magic Pills

Toronto • Documentary, Science

Homeopathy - the medicine they don't want you to know about. We need finishing funds! US contributions are tax deductible!

Green Light


New York • Romantic Comedy

Two friends explore their relationship during a one week romance.

Green Light

Over Dinner

New Haven • Comedy, Drama

Frustrated by her eccentric mother's care-free role as grandmother, her adult daughter unravels their complicated past over dinner.

Green Light

The Psychiatrist

Burbank • Drama, Mystery

A psychiatrist & her troubled patient uncontrollably connect through Fear, obsession & infidelity. There’s been a murder. Who? How? & Why?

Green Light


Houston • Drama, Horror

A film that explores gender and family issues in an "operatic cinema" story that fans of both art and psychological horror will appreciate.

Green Light

The Ladies Almanack

Chicago • LGBTQ, Experimental

Hélène Cixous, Eileen Myles, Guinevere Turner, & more star in the epic tribute to women's writing.

Green Light

Tangerine Juice Fund

New York • Film-related Business

The Tangerine Juice Fund is crowd sourced fund supporting 1st and 2nd time women feature film directors. Donations are tax deductible.

Green Light

All Exchanges Final

Los Angeles • Comedy, Drama

What would you trade to save someone you love?

Green Light

All Earthly Constraints

Los Angeles • Drama, Sci-Fi

Struggling screenwriter Emily writes a screenplay about struggling screenwriter Emma, who is secretly a superheroine named Emmageddon.

Green Light


Los Angeles • LGBTQ, Satire

Not one to be held back by unfair legislation, Sydney outsmarts the web of laws keeping her tied down and unable to get divorced.

Green Light

Auld Lang Syne

Los Angeles • Comedy, Drama

An annual New Year’s Eve party becomes occasion for disaster as three couples' lives unravel spectacularly over the course of the evening.

Green Light

Three Fingers

Nashville-Davidson • Drama, War

The battle continues long after the war...

Green Light

Movies & Shows I Recommend

An Ojibwe boy searches for a safe place for he and his younger sister on the Leech Lake reservation.

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