Hey, I'm Lauren!

Milwaukee, Wisconsin

I am a writer and director in Milwaukee, Wisconsin.


I have a Bachelor's in English from Winona State University and a degree in Screenwriting from Vancouver Film School.


I currently work in film production in and around Milwaukee & Chicago. I'm in pre-production on my first feature film, Cohabitation. Check it out and give us a follow! :)


Watch my short films here:


First short: Smile, Baby


Second short: Return to Me


I'm happy to follow your project! Just send me a message.

My Projects

Projects I'm Supporting

Endless Light

Fairbanks • Drama, Sci-Fi

Returning home, a bipolar woman attempts to decipher her brother's suicide through occult intervention with Alaska's wilderness.

1 day left


Stuffing the Turkey

Chicago • Comedy, Drama

A Latinx family who struggles with its identity as heritage, society, & technology have shaped them in their own uniquely American way.

1 day left



Portland • Drama, Fantasy

A tale about a homeless immortal woman taken in by a Portlander.

1 day left


White Crow

Los Angeles • Mystery, Thriller

A sickly young woman's life unravels when she receives a heart transplant and begins to take on her donor's personality traits.

1 day left



Natchitoches • Drama, Music

RUNAROUND SUE is a small-town Southern bartender known for breaking hearts... until THE WANDERER comes to town.

1 day left


Passion & Progress

Lakeland • Documentary

When people of color set out an ambitious goal to reach their highest potential, only to be faced with societal barriers.

Green Light

Black Girl Training

Milwaukee • Comedy, Shorts Program

When a black transracial adoptee is meeting her biological family, there's only one way to prepare her; a black girl training.

Green Light

Sex Is a God Thing

Chicago • Drama, LGBTQ

After their father's death, two queer women of color connect as long lost sisters, and together struggle with their identity & spirituality.

Green Light


Los Angeles • Documentary

Transgender entertainer/activist Blossom C. Brown finds answers to her troubled past while aspiring a career in the entertainment industry.

Green Light


Atlanta • Drama

As Senator Ingram stares down an easy reelection, things become unstable when he is diagnosed with a mental illness.

Green Light

The Vth Column

Los Angeles • Horror, Sci-Fi

Horror/Scifi series. Episode 1. A couple flees from a stranger, who refused to let them out of his car, after hitching a ride.

Green Light


Farmington Hills • Drama, Sci-Fi

A stranded time traveller struggles to find the courage to move forward in her journey without causing collateral damage.

Green Light

First Position.

Los Angeles • Drama, LGBTQ

When a young dancer becomes infected with the AIDS virus, he must find a way to prove his talent to himself and the only man he loves.

Green Light

Spot: A True Period Piece

New York • Comedy, Shorts Program

Spot is a short film about a group of women who are fed up with being shamed for their periods and fight back for change in their law firm!

Green Light


Seattle • Drama, Romantic Comedy

Shawn finds his perfect soulmate but his autism prevents him from realizing she's actually a prostitute.

Green Light

Sinked Up

Los Angeles • Comedy, LGBTQ

Two women started as roommates. Then they fell in love. A story told from behind the bathroom door.

Green Light

Shedding - a feature film

Los Angeles • Drama, Fantasy

A cat who longs to explore the outside world transforms into a human and helps heal a broken family.

Green Light

Desolation Center

Los Angeles • Documentary, Music

The untold story of influential Reagan-era guerrilla punk and industrial desert happenings that still reverberate throughout our culture.

Green Light


Middletown • Drama, Thriller

In 1954, two mixed-race sisters must navigate their chances for survival in a rigid black-and-white world.

Green Light

PRESENT TIME: journal of a country monastery

Berkeley • Documentary, History

PRESENT TIME will be the first and last film about life inside the Abbey.

Green Light


Los Angeles • Drama

When 3 year old Sofia is diagnosed with cancer, the people who's lives she's touched must come to terms with love and loss.

Green Light

The Apple Tree

Portland • Drama, LGBTQ

A closeted high school football player is forced to volunteer at a retirement community after getting in trouble with the law, where he form

Green Light

The Talk

New York • Drama

When is it too soon to tell a child the truth?

Green Light

King Ester

New York • Drama, LGBTQ

Before the reign, came the rain.

Green Light

Echoes in Silence

New York • Drama, Experimental

Six women who are a manifestation of 1 woman embark on a journey of truth & self-discovery whilst formulating a sisterhood along the way.

Green Light

You Are Going To Explode

Los Angeles • Comedy, Drama

A depressed man searches for meaning to stave off his own spontaneous combustion.

Green Light

Up on the Mountain

Port Townsend • Documentary

A documentary about Southeast Asian refugees, Latino immigrants, and rural Americans on a year-round migration to harvest wild mushrooms.

Green Light


Los Angeles • Horror, Thriller

A loner must uncover a sinister race of beings before the explosive they've implanted in his neck detonates.

Green Light


New York • Horror, Thriller

While passing through a small town, a modern-day witch must fight her way through a cult of men to find a young woman who’s disappeared.

Green Light


New York • Horror

A young black man in Brooklyn must prove his new white neighbors are emissaries from the Satanic cult they both survived as children.

Green Light


Denver • Horror, Thriller

It's not just about survival. It's about a community.

Green Light


Whitefish • Horror, Thriller

A woman with crippling social anxiety is cursed; she cannot be alone for more than 2 minutes and 17 seconds or "They" will come for her.

Green Light

Locked Alone

New York • Thriller, Drama

Catherine, unwillingly locked in her new apartment, discovers hidden crimes behind an evil entity. Will she have any chances to survive?

Green Light

What Daphne Saw

Los Angeles • Sci-Fi, Thriller

In the future, criminals are reprogrammed into silent, unquestioning servants.

Green Light


New York • Horror, Mystery

Four stories of four women who each encounter supernatural events that shatter their personal perceptions of reality.

Green Light

Seed of Doubt

Rochester • Thriller

Melissa and Scott’s dream home turns into a nightmare when they take on new tenants to make ends meet.

Green Light

The Yellow Wallpaper Feature Film

Stockton • Thriller

Trapped in her solitude and held captive by her husband, Jane descends into a deepening depression as the walls close in around her.

Green Light

Swipe Left to Live

Long Beach • Horror

A mysterious entity pits several girls against each other on Halloween night by forcing them to play a murderous game through their phones.

Green Light


Los Angeles • Film-Noir, Thriller

While mapping America’s forgotten roads, a lonely StreetView driver fears he may have witnessed a murder on his cameras.

Green Light

The BLDG: Five Stories of Horror

New York • Horror, Other

Five chilling stories set in the same creepy NYC building, where dark forces bring about the manifestation of its residents' worst fears.

Green Light

One Bird at a Time

Portland • Comedy, Drama

When do-gooder and lovable neurotic Julie strives to save the neediest and the craziest in the world, she has to start in her own backyard.

Green Light


New York • Comedy, Drama

Two actresses from conservative immigrant backgrounds agree to a green card marriage hoping to pursue their very American passions.

Green Light

Or So the Story Goes: Knock Knock

Weehawken • Horror, Thriller

Or So the Story Goes brings alive a new terrifying tale- a home invasion horror story based on 'Jack and the Beanstalk.'.

Green Light

Agent of Change

Los Angeles • Comedy, LGBTQ

A secret agent is on a mission to save the future of food, and as a transgender man, save humanity... one gender stereotype at a time.

Green Light

New Recruits

Fremont • Comedy, LGBTQ

New Recruits is a military satire about why young men and women choose to serve in the Army and the headstrong leadership that prepares th

Green Light


Milwaukee • Drama, Thriller

While a former paramedic lives a low-key life to cope with PTSD, her new roommate has other plans, and a vendetta against medical personnel.

Green Light

In the Blue Hour

New York • Drama, Experimental

What are we supposed to make of a life? A perfect hostess invites her friends to attend one last party - and you are invited!

Green Light


Los Angeles • Comedy, Drama

A comedian rescues her estranged sister from being alone in LA and they fall apart together.

Green Light

Passive Aggressive Dads

Blue Hill • Comedy

Two dads try to spend a nice day at the park with their daughters and end up avenging their life's failures upon a group of obnoxious teens.

Green Light

Planet Earth Symphony Film

Saugerties • Experimental, Global Celebration

Sure, the planet is in peril but don't buy into doomsday. Humans become extraordinary problem solvers when properly motivated.

Green Light

Birth of Pleasure

Atlanta • Drama, Experimental

Narrative dance-film which explores sensuality and modern issues around the female body, through a retelling of the Psyche and Cupid myth.

Green Light

People Like You

Los Angeles • Drama, Thriller

The heir to a fortune returns to his family estate to find a corpse, a beautiful woman, and the keys to an empire that hangs in the balance.

Green Light


Seattle • Drama, Comedy

Forced to move from his home, an elderly widower must come to terms with his own identity, with the help of his vivacious best friend.

Green Light


New York • Drama, Family

Zoe overcomes her unusual attachment to a blanket with her foster mom's creative use of comic books.

Green Light

Tip The KJ - A Karaoke Movie

Portland • Documentary

Some people sing karaoke. Others are karaoke people. This is a story about why it matters.

Green Light

Hello World: The Film

Atlanta • Documentary, Other

Software is everywhere. But who makes it? This film will uncover this hidden army of coders who make our lives work.

Green Light

Bye, Alicia

Los Angeles • Romantic Comedy, Comedy

Two quirky loners begin a romance off a dating app before it quickly descends into chaos thanks to a crazy ex-girlfriend named Alicia.

Green Light


New York • Comedy, Drama

A racially mixed , outspoken actress in New York City constantly being told ‘no’ and offering herself a 'yes'

Green Light


Los Angeles • Comedy

A Postmates courrier's world is turned upside when she has to deliver bagels and lox to her old high school.

Green Light


Los Angeles • Drama, War

When ISIS turns a mountain into a massacre, who can you save?

Green Light

39 1/2

San Francisco • Animation, Comedy

A comedy about a single female indie filmmaker who is pushing 40 and determined to have a baby before time runs out. Starring Beth Lisick.

Green Light

Dom na Marse

Los Angeles • Drama, Sci-Fi

A bipolar woman must choose: follow her wife to an unfamiliar planet led by a cold-blooded regime, or endure alone on a deteriorating Earth.

Green Light

Park Slope Moms

New York • Comedy

A high-powered attorney turned 'stay-at-home' mom regains power as PTA President, but ruling with an iron fist sparks a coup.

Green Light


Los Angeles • Drama

A young woman, exhausted by her daily fight to survive, embraces violence when she enters a MMA tournament.

Green Light

By Crook

Milwaukee • Adventure, Comedy

A trust fund kid posts bail and skips town with her accomplice as they flee the country, robbing their way towards Mexico.

Green Light

Window Shopping - A Gay Lust Story

Jersey City • Romantic Comedy, LGBTQ

Window Shopping is about how we all crave to be seen, to be in intimate relationships, and how easily we can imagine them, even with strange

Green Light


Upland • Drama, Family

The family-fractured lives of a stubborn mechanic, a retired widower, and a repressed college student intertwine at a bar in rural Indiana.

Green Light

Pay to Stay

New York • Horror, LGBTQ

A couple take a mini-vacation to repair their relationship, unaware the AirBNB they rented may lead to their untimely end.

Green Light

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