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Let's work together! And if in the USA or Australia, submit to the film festival and creative hub I run, Connect Film Festival. 

Here's me:

www.lindseyloon.com (90 seconds, says more than the rest of this yadda yadda :) ) 


Here's the festival / filmmaker's job hub and creative hive I founded --

Connect Film Festival, now a "Top 100 Best Reviewed Festival" on Film Freeway!*



I'm an actor and film festival director, of Connect Film Festival, based in the USA and Australia.


I love both sides of the lens, started as a photographer for about a decade, then directed a few shorts, and after training at NIDA in Australia moved to the acting side. I was in 5th Humor Sketch Comedy while a student at Yale, and am always looking for collaborators, particularly in comedy. My specialty is accent work, and I spent 9 years studying Japanese and sang in a Japanese pop band in my misspent youth-- always keen on sharing culture and sound.


I make film, connect filmmakers in festival showcases that celebrate world class work, and encourage a production hub for filmmakers to make better work together. I do creative producing, have managed other artists, and constantly seek acting projects and ways to contribute to filmmaking. 


While Connect Film Festival screenings are selective, our events are inclusive and intended as a filmmaker "hive mind" and pre-production hub connecting filmmakers from all facets of production. Cinematographers, Actors, Soundies, Editors celebrate their festival work as well as the traditional Director-Producer combo. Filmmakers at all stages of development are warmly welcome to attend, contribute, submit. 



What started as a "connect filmmakers" project in an art-pub in Australia has now bloomed into an international film festival on our 5th official event. 

We are IMDb listed, with industry recognition recognized by AFM, IFP, LA Film Festival etc. We give awards and stuff, but more than anything offer a way to connect with filmmakers and industry-- to find your next gig, your creative collaborators, your agent, your deal, your tribe. Filmmakers say:


submit now:


Mention "seed and spark" in your cover letter for special consideration-- the Connect team does all we can to support other organizations that encourage prolific, collaborative and caring filmmaking.


Connect with great films. Connect with great filmmakers. Make better film together. 


Viva la filmmaking fire, y'all!



* "Top 100 Best Reviewed Festival" from over 4,600 listed on Film Freeway. 

My Projects

Projects I'm Supporting

A Whole New World

Los Angeles • Music, Experimental

A music video for an inventive new arrangement of A Whole New World questions our use of technology.

Green Light

The Atavist

Pittsfield • Adventure, Sci-Fi

A young woman travels to the past, but when the things she leaves alter history, she must get them back to save the future.

Green Light


Jersey City • Sci-Fi, Thriller

While recovering at his estranged childhood home from cochlear implant surgery, Xerxes spirals down the rabbit hole and may never climb out.

Green Light


Los Angeles • Comedy, Drama

A woman suffering from OCD tries to write a suicide note that takes into consideration every single loose end in her life.

Green Light

The Black Cowboy

Portland • Documentary, History

History You Cannot Hide

Green Light

Female Friendly

Los Angeles • Comedy

A female-driven, buddy comedy about two women and their pursuit in female friendly porn production!

Green Light


Los Angeles • Drama, Fantasy

A runaway 10-year-old kid meets a troubled teenager and street performer who teaches him some truths about life and survival in the streets.

Green Light


New York • Drama

Butterflies is a dark look at the psychological affects of bullying on Melanie as she navigates her way through high school.

Green Light

Commercial for the Queen of Meatloaf

Baltimore • Experimental

In a surrealist take on a 1950s commercial, a housewife attempts to spice up her marriage by preparing a delicious meatloaf for dinner.

Green Light


Pepin • Romance, LGBTQ

Two women set off on separate journeys of self-reflection and contemplation. What happened between them? How did the relationship die?

Green Light

Rose Is A Rose Is A Rose

Los Angeles • Comedy, Drama

Technophobe Davy Ludd is dragged online by a hipster co-worker in the meandering quest to find his long lost sweetheart Rose.

Green Light

Architect Blues

Atlanta • Drama, Other

A short film that explores the side hustle every black woman has that keeps her pockets empty.

Green Light

Forbidden Steps

Los Angeles • Global Celebration, Family

A Muslim police officer stuck between his dancer daughter & orthodox father must grapple with ties to tradition & his own American dream.

Green Light

Soiled Doves

Los Angeles • Drama, Western

1887: A female saloon owner, a troubled prostitute and a newcomer with a secret must unite to save their frontier town from an ancient evil.

Green Light

UnCorked - A Web Series

Los Angeles • Comedy, Satire

Six women changing their lives one glass at a time...

Green Light

The Secret Nobody Knows

New York • Romance, War

A woman’s parting gift to a solider reveals the secret to their uncertain future.

Green Light

To Life

Austin • Comedy, Fantasy

When grief and laughter meet, the worst advice may be the best.

Green Light


Los Angeles • Romantic Comedy

a long distance love story told from two perspectives - HIS (directed by a fella) and HERS (directed by a lady)

Green Light

The After Party

Los Angeles • Mystery, Thriller

A well-known party girl stops in a dive bar for a nightcap and discovers she shares a horrific secret with four mysterious women.

Green Light

Hard-ish Bodies

Austin • Comedy, Shorts Program

An ensemble comedy featuring the men and women of Stoney’s Rock Hard Palace - a male strip club with dancers of all shapes and sizes.

Green Light

Quality Problems

Burbank • Comedy

Poster Family To-Do-list: Throw perfect eight-year-old's birthday party, find wandering Grandpa and deal with cancer in the left boob.

Green Light

Sell Your Body

New York • Comedy, Horror

A millennial horror story about dating apps.

Green Light

10 Days (for now)

Los Angeles • Comedy

Over the holidays, estranged couple Ellie and Estlin give their relationship one last chance: 10 days to make it work, or part ways forever.

Green Light

Brown's Canyon

Seattle • Comedy, Drama

Two life coaches set out to lead a mindfulness retreat, only to have their own lives unravel over one awkward weekend.

Green Light

This Is Happening

• Comedy


Green Light

"Slut: A Documentary Film"

• Documentary

Sharing personal stories to explore how we can work toward a world that embraces female sexuality and supports victims of sexual assault.

Green Light


• Action, Comedy

A small town cop wishes for a little more action in her life, and action is exactly what she gets when a band of thugs come to town!

Green Light

Movies & Shows I Recommend

A man wakes up in a Koreatown hallway, naked except for a cock ring and a frilly scarf.

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 • Short


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