Hey, I'm Nathan!

Seekonk, Massachusetts

I am Nathan Suher. I've been fascinated with filmmaking since I was 10 years old when I made dramatic home movies using our family's Panasonic VHS Camcorder. In my 20's I moved to Los Angeles and cut my teeth working on network and cable shows such as FEAR FACTOR, THE BACHELORETTE, TAIL-DATERS, and THE INCURABLE COLLECTOR. In my 30's I switched gears and focused on launching a couple production companies focusing on corporate/commercial filmmaking and narrative filmmaking. As I acquired these experiences I find myself carving a niche in the New England independent film scene with several shorts that have achieved some wonderful success with film festivals and critical acclaim.

First and foremost I'm just a gigantic fan of movies and this love of cinema is my main drive to pursue a career in the entertainment industry. I have no delusions that it's going to be easy. I've taken my time learning as much as I can about all aspects of filmmaking. I love to help other filmmakers with their projects. I love to network and discuss movies and the filmmaking business with other likeminded people.

My Projects

Projects I'm Supporting

Miles Underwater

San Antonio Feature
Drama, Family

13-year-old Miles is struggling to find where he belongs when an unusual event forces him to face his biggest fear and take a leap of faith.


This project got the green light!

The Mother Lode

Hoboken Series

A positive parenting mother faces the underbelly of motherhood with the help of her dead father, an old friend, and a TV producer.


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Monstr Web Series

Seattle Series
Horror, LGBTQ

Mixing horror, comedy, and LGBT themes, Monstr is about a young gay man who downloads the wrong dating app and meets literal monsters!


This project got the green light!

The Pet Peeve Police

Los Angeles Series
Adventure, Comedy

Ridding the world of inconsiderate douches one pet peeve at a time.


This project got the green light!

Higher Methods

Providence Feature
Mystery, Thriller

Searching for his missing sister, an actor enters a nightmare world he can't escape and confronts how far he will go to pursue his passion.


This project got the green light!


New York Short
Drama, Foreign Film

When a young mother takes a risk to provide for her daughter, a stranger turns her transgression into a nightmare.


This project got the green light!

Believe Her

New York Short

Why can't we just Believe Her?


This project got the green light!

Curl Up & Dye

Atlanta Short
Animation, Comedy

With wildly supernatural hair, an awkward and clumsy teen girl is on a mission to save her clueless best friend from an evil hairdresser.


This project got the green light!

The Inner Edge

Old Bridge Township Feature
Drama, Fantasy

A NJ cop struggling with changes in her life, has to save a suicidal stranger to unlock what powers lie within her.


This project got the green light!

Little Evil Bookshop

Seattle Feature
Comedy, Satire

When the world's most powerful occult leader visits a modest mystic bookshop, its owner must impress him at all costs.


This project got the green light!

Bring Me an Avocado

San Francisco Feature

When a violent encounter leaves Robin in a coma, her family ventures to maintain normalcy for her children while managing their own grief.


This project got the green light!

A Room Full of Nothing

Austin Feature
Adventure, Romance

In this Swiss Army Man meets Eternal Sunshine adventure an artistic couple's life takes a bizarre turn when they wake up alone in the world.


This project got the green light!

This Is Our Home

Media Feature
Drama, Thriller

A struggling couple's weekend getaway goes awry when a child arrives in the middle of the night claiming he's their son.


This project got the green light!

Test: A Classic American Story....On Steroids

New Philadelphia Feature
Sport, LGBTQ

A young bodybuilder living in Ohio defies his religious mother when he follows the county's best coach into a world of steroid abuse


This project got the green light!

The Atavist

Pittsfield Feature
Adventure, Sci-Fi

A young woman travels to the past, but when the things she leaves alter history, she must get them back to save the future.


This project got the green light!


Philadelphia Feature
Comedy, LGBTQ

A queer couple is determined to tie the knot their own way.


This project got the green light!


Bloomington Feature

The family-fractured lives of a stubborn mechanic, a retired widower, and a repressed college student intertwine at a bar in rural Indiana.


This project got the green light!

White Death

Needham Feature

A construction worker tries to leave the family business to pursue his life long dream of making a documentary about great white sharks.


This project got the green light!


Tarpon Springs Feature
Drama, Family

A young girl struggles to create a relationship with her father after the death of her aunt who raised her.


This project got the green light!

Mini Lights

Saint Petersburg Feature

A group of skaters roams the haunted nooks of St. Petersburg Fl. where an unquenchable tragedy watches from the darkness waiting for a host.


This project got the green light!

The Blue Whale

Catoosa Feature
Teen, Drama

In 1980's rural Oklahoma a teenage boy meets a girl from California who helps him break out of his shell and learn the truth of his heritage


This project got the green light!

Start Breaking My Heart

Los Angeles Short
Romantic Comedy, Shorts Program

A Columbia University's School of the Arts Thesis Project


This project got the green light!

The Wonderful World of Hunter Wood

Los Angeles Series

An eccentric young man goes to outrageous lengths to woo the new girl in the neighborhood.


This project got the green light!


Los Angeles Short
Drama, Romance

A couple journeys up the California coastline, exploring their history and undeniable connection.


This project got the green light!


Orange Short
Thriller, Music

A former kids’ TV actor who has garnered an unwanted cult following looks to reinvent herself and legitimize her music career.


This project got the green light!

Human Telegraphs

New York Series

Three women form a ‘human messaging’ business in NYC and get tangled in the intimate, unexpected, and hilarious lives of strangers.


This project got the green light!


Boston Short

An average American husband and wife expose what they are most loyal to may be tearing them apart


This project got the green light!

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