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Another Period in Time

Atlanta • Comedy, Drama

A free black woman from 1863 wakes up in 2018 ATL & meets an entitled millennial. Can she get home or learn to love avocado toast & selfies?

16 days left


Getting Real

Detroit • Documentary

We are surrounded by #fake news, screens, and filters. Let's explore how the digital world manipulates our reality.

27 days left


A Bad Case- An Original Comedy Series Surrounding Diabetes

San Diego • Comedy, Other

an original comedy A series about four friends and what happens when diabetes shows up at the worst possible moment.

4 days left


Endless Light

Fairbanks • Drama, Sci-Fi

Returning home, a bipolar woman attempts to decipher her brother's suicide through occult intervention with Alaska's wilderness.

1 day left


Broker 2

• Comedy, Thriller

A small-town serial killer moves from his usual hunting grounds to the Big Apple, where he finds it hard to adjust to city living.

1 day left



Portland • Comedy, Drama

A Beverly Hills tour guide meets Michael Jackson the day before he dies.

1 day left



Natchitoches • Drama, Music

RUNAROUND SUE is a small-town Southern bartender known for breaking hearts... until THE WANDERER comes to town.

1 day left



Los Angeles • Drama

A farmer follows a voice deep into the woods enabling him to see his wife one last time.

1 day left


White Crow

Los Angeles • Mystery, Thriller

A sickly young woman's life unravels when she receives a heart transplant and begins to take on her donor's personality traits.

1 day left


The Bachelorette Party

Orcas • Comedy, Horror

Six girlfriends go to a remote island for a bachelorette party, where they go from fighting off bad hangovers to fighting for their lives.

1 day left


What She Said

Flint Hill • Drama, Family

Sam's sure the best way to face her trauma is alone on her family's farm. Her brother's sure she's wrong. A Thanksgiving intervention movie.

1 day left



Austin • Comedy, Drama

A failed musician and a stubborn teenager make a pact to drive across Texas to retrieve his stolen guitar and meet her long lost father.

1 day left


See You Next Week

New York • Comedy, Drama

A man goes to therapy to talk about the women in his life, including his sister... who also happens to be his therapist.

1 day left


Jacob's Brother

Lake Charles • Comedy, Drama

A comedian with bipolar disorder must learn to balance his ambitions with managing his condition or risk losing his family, career, & sanity

1 day left


Beyond the Shadows

Sedro-Woolley • Horror, Comedy

A ghost hunter with his band of misfits explore the paranormal activity of massacred Native American spirits at the Chetco River Lodge.

1 day left


Between the Moon and You

Los Angeles • Comedy, Drama

A young couple's sweet romance spirals into chaos as the two fall out of love and struggle to keep a grip on reality.

1 day left



Portland • Drama, Fantasy

A tale about a homeless immortal woman taken in by a Portlander.

1 day left


Stuffing the Turkey

Chicago • Comedy, Drama

A Latinx family who struggles with its identity as heritage, society, & technology have shaped them in their own uniquely American way.

1 day left


Anatomy of Wings

Baltimore • Documentary, Global Celebration

A young mentor from East Baltimore seeks to understand how ten teenage girls are feeling courage toward their circumstances.

1 day left



Portland • Comedy, Drama

Nora, a broke actress, and her younger brother Scotty drive from Portland to Seattle so she can attend a dinner hosted by her wealthy ex.

1 day left


Ghost Poachers

Foster • Horror

A team of paranormal investigators takes on more than they bargained for when they look into an infamous haunt in a small Rhode Island town.

1 day left


Life Binder

Atlanta • Shorts Program

Former addict and lead singer of Life Binder comes face to face with lies and betrayal when an old bandmate returns to town.

8 days left


The Songwriter

Los Angeles • Drama, Music

A singer/songwriter abandons her dream and moves to LA. After a chance meeting with a bar owner, he gives her the opportunity to sing again.

24 days left



New Orleans • Comedy, Drama

Each consumed with indecision, two women help each other find some sort of clarity in a brief chance meeting.

Green Light

Brown With Blue

Atlanta • Drama, Romance

A handyman & his girlfriend struggle with substance abuse to cope with their problems.

Green Light

Big Girl

New York • Comedy

A plus-size woman in NYC navigates our size-obsessed culture with cynical humor and unapologetic self-love.

Green Light

The Sympathy Card

Boston • LGBTQ, Romantic Comedy

When Emma’s cancer takes a turn, she presents her wife Josie a deathbed order: find someone new while Emma is still around to help.

Green Light

Passion & Progress

Lakeland • Documentary

When people of color set out an ambitious goal to reach their highest potential, only to be faced with societal barriers.

Green Light


Los Angeles • Comedy, Drama

After losing their car and savings, two lovers fight to build a life in LA while enduring the changes of an unstable industry.

Green Light

Curls For Humanity

Chicago • Comedy, Other

After living a carefree lavish existence in Los Angeles, biracial sisters are forced to migrate to Chicago where they explore their racial i

2 days left


I Friggin Love you

Los Angeles • Drama, Romantic Comedy

Love can make you or break you.

Green Light

The Royal Court

Atlanta • Drama, Family

A sensitive African-American girl struggles with remaining on the royal court at her college after an undeserving senior is crowned queen.

Green Light

Uneasy The Show

Oakland • Comedy, Drama

Two brown girls take on student loans, MFA drama, & techie jargon in Oakland: home of the Black Panthers & now, $3000 one bedroom apartments

Green Light


Atlanta • Drama

As Senator Ingram stares down an easy reelection, things become unstable when he is diagnosed with a mental illness.

Green Light

H-TOWN Series Season 1 "SHE GOT IT"

Houston • Romance, Drama

We follow the life of Falen, 19, high school graduate & homeless; she realizes that the family she chooses will be her only means for surviv

Green Light


Dallas • Reality-TV, Talk-Show

The millennials that are focused on the grind before & after they clock out, sharing experiences about sex, love and being selfish AF!

Green Light


Los Angeles • Documentary

Transgender entertainer/activist Blossom C. Brown finds answers to her troubled past while aspiring a career in the entertainment industry.

Green Light

The Vth Column

Los Angeles • Horror, Sci-Fi

Horror/Scifi series. Episode 1. A couple flees from a stranger, who refused to let them out of his car, after hitching a ride.

Green Light

Vice Versa — A sci-fi bodyswap comedy

Los Angeles • Comedy, Sci-Fi

A body swap comedy for the #metoo generation.

Green Light

Love Happens

New York • Horror, Romantic Comedy

A journalist battles unknown forces that have taken over her town.

Green Light

Messy The Web Series

New York • Comedy, Romance

A web series about love, marriage, separation, kids, and dating all under one happy roof! I swear this will not make you cry!

Green Light


Los Angeles • Drama, Family

Aloha follows one new mom's quest to find the perfect birth announcement after the delivery of her baby doesn't go quite as planned.

Green Light

High Note

Friday Harbor • Crime, Musical

Just your everyday druggie, dramedy, indie musical filled to the brim with Germans, Jesus, banjos, bongos, and backstabbings.

Green Light

Make Out Party

Chicago • Comedy, LGBTQ

Make Out Party is a queer high-style, no budget comedy of errors set against the colorful backdrop of the Chicago underground.

Green Light

Nia On Vacation

Patras • Drama, Comedy

Escape is relative.

Green Light

About a Donkey

New York • Comedy, LGBTQ

A quirky ensemble comedy about growing up, about growing old, and about a donkey.

Green Light

I Can't With You

Los Angeles • Comedy

When your best friend brings out the worst in you.

Green Light

A Man Wakes Up

Las Vegas • Comedy

A wordless short comedy that explores an example of the only constant in our universe: change.

Green Light


• Drama, Sci-Fi

Over Under Through The Loop And Together Again

Green Light

The Dog

New York • Documentary

THE DOG is the story of John Wojtowicz, the real-life bank robber behind DOG DAY AFTERNOON.

Green Light

No Le Digas a Nadie (Don't Tell Anyone)

Brooklyn • Documentary

An undocumented youth fights for herself, her mother and her community to come out of the shadows.

Green Light

Seed&Spark's Seed&Spark!

New York • Other

It's not about fundraising, it's about filmmaking! Join the movement to shape the future of film.

Green Light

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