Hey, I'm Nicola!

Amsterdam, North Holland

I am a swedish filmmaker and choreographer, based in the Netherlands. I graduated from the Master program Choreography and New Media at The University of the Arts/ Amsterdamse Hogeschool voor de Kunsten in 2006. 
My films Echo, Walk, The Double and Songs of the Underworld have been screened and awarded at film festivals internationally.
My work often returns to the theme of ageing, reminiscing, perception and/or the notion of a double such as in the ideas of writer Jorge Luis Borges. I am fascinated with the symbiosis of the live, moving body and moving images on a screen and have often worked with live or pre-recorded images as an integral part of my stage performances and installations in the past. Since 2015 my main focus is on screendance and film making. I find the moving camera, its choreography in relation to the dancers, actors or moving bodies an exhilirating asset in the quest to make a visceral and engaging film. Having always been very visually oriented, in filmmaking my skills come together in attempting to tell a story with images, movement, scenery, sound and bodies.
Currently in preproduction for my next film, Spell Bound. Don't hesitate to contact me if you want to hook up or know more about my work.

My Films

Remembering his late wife, an older man is able to dance with her one last time.

Watch Now

Songs of the Underworld


 • Short


Projects I'm Supporting


New York • Horror, Mystery

Four stories of four women who each encounter supernatural events that shatter their personal perceptions of reality.

Green Light

The Yellow Wallpaper Feature Film

Stockton • Thriller

Trapped in her solitude and held captive by her husband, Jane descends into a deepening depression as the walls close in around her.

Green Light


Houston • Thriller

BLUE is a psychological thriller centered on an unstable young woman who struggles to cope when she enters a new relationship

Green Light

The Gift

San Francisco • Fantasy, Drama

In a parallel universe, an isolated girl who is bullied for her uncommonly large ears finds solace in an unusual friendship with a crow.

Green Light

Parallel Chords

St. Louis • Drama, Music

A young violinist struggles to break free from her pianist father to find her own voice.

Green Light

A Room Full of Nothing

Austin • Adventure, Romance

In this Swiss Army Man meets Eternal Sunshine adventure an artistic couple's life takes a bizarre turn when they wake up alone in the world.

Green Light

Self Portrait

New York • Drama, Experimental

A young woman reflects on the authenticity of her parents marriage in a staged dinner scene revealing three individual perspectives.

Green Light


Pepin • Romance, LGBTQ

Two women set off on separate journeys of self-reflection and contemplation. What happened between them? How did the relationship die?

Green Light

The Space Between

Los Angeles • Drama

Rachel struggles with who she thinks she should be as a married woman, while trying to reconcile with having lost her mother at a young age.

Green Light


Los Angeles • Drama, Shorts Program

Frustrated at her inability to accurately remember a particular time of happiness in her life, Minny sets out to find it again.

Green Light

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