Hey, I'm Paul!

Upper Nyack, New York

I've been a composer and record producer for the last 25 years, working with artists like Carlos Santana and Josh Groban, and co-producing with David Foster. Additionally, my own records: the ARIA series and the STATE OF GRACE series, have sold over a million units world wide. I've composed two ballet scores for New York City Ballet, film scores for directors including Godard, and two operas for companies in Scandinavia. I've also been the musical director and conductor of four Broadway shows, including PHANTOM. If you're interested in hearing some of my music, here's a Youtube link:


Paul Schwartz Playlist


About seven years ago I decided to plunge myself into the other artistic world that has intrigued me for my whole life: writing scripts and directing. As a teenager my heroes were on one side: Leonard Bernstein, Igor Stravinsky, Stephen Sondheim and David Bowie... and on the other: Tennessee Williams, Tom Stoppard, Billy Wilder and Akira Kurosawa. I have been wooed away from the world of music into the world of stories. A couple of my plays have been in festivals in New York City, and I have a TV series in development.


However: my approach to writing for film and theater isn't really all that different from how I approach music. I'm interested in truth and beauty in equal measure. There's the old saying that "Truth is Beauty and Beauty is Truth", and to some extent I subscribe to that. I believe that framing truth in beauty renders it into something beyond a mere idea. It becomes an idea you can feel, and if one can achieve that as an artist, it's spiritually transformative.


The films that I have planned (and there are several of them beyond TIME CAN BREAK YOUR HEART) are all conceived with a lush and sensual photographic style, to complement their emotionally rich stories. I'm not so big on irony, which I think infects too much of dramatic art these days both on stage and screen. Irony is deflection, and I'm far more interested in delving into the world of true and raw feeling.

My Projects

Projects I'm Supporting


New York • Horror

A young black man in Brooklyn must prove his new white neighbors are emissaries from the Satanic cult they both survived as children.

Green Light

Little Evil Bookshop

Seattle • Comedy, Satire

When the world's most powerful occult leader visits a modest mystic bookshop, its owner must impress him at all costs.

Green Light

A Room Full of Nothing

Austin • Adventure, Romance

In this Swiss Army Man meets Eternal Sunshine adventure an artistic couple's life takes a bizarre turn when they wake up alone in the world.

Green Light

Fantastic Santa Monaco

Los Angeles • Drama, Satire

A film about a group of performance artists who are looking for love, connection and significance in Los Angeles.

Green Light

Bitter Taste

New York • Drama

A dark drama about a Scottish Michelin-star Chef who relives memories of his childhood through cooking.

Green Light

Pulling Wool

New York • Action, Comedy

A two hander about a platonic best-friendship that culminates in a city wide search for $7,000 to pay off gambling debt and save their lives

Green Light

Tracing the Hairstons

New York • Documentary, History

This three-part documentary series explores the journey of the Hairston’s and shows how American slavery helped propel the Hairston’s to one

Green Light

Blood Stains

Los Angeles • Horror, Thriller

Leaving his band and girlfriend behind to become a star in America, an ambitious singer meets a mysterious hitch-hiker with a plan.

Green Light


Los Angeles • Comedy, Drama

A story about Andy Cooper and her gang of merry assholes dealing with the loss of one of their own and how life is revealed through death.

Green Light

The Adventures of Penny Patterson

New York • Comedy, Teen

Penny faces growing obstacles to winning the science fair after her boyfriend becomes a superhero.

Green Light

10 Days (for now)

Los Angeles • Comedy

Over the holidays, estranged couple Ellie and Estlin give their relationship one last chance: 10 days to make it work, or part ways forever.

Green Light

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