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Women are a sexual being. They like to be pleasured by their partner and feel their love and care. However, there are occasions that they feel dissatisfied with their husband or boyfriend. No offense to men reading this. If you ask your girlfriend or wife if they feel not contented with your powers of pleasuring them, they might say yes but behind your back, they are sneaking a vibrator to satisfy their want.


So, all men who wish to give their best in pleasuring their woman. Here is the best way for you to boost your skills and let your partner your desire for them. Get the best vibrators for a more exciting sexual life.


Vibrators are one of the best sex toys you can use for your woman. It is a good selection of foreplay to get your partner want for more from you. You can get various kinds of vibrators on the market today. You can go to stores or browse online to select a vibrator that suits your preference of intensity. Yet, you have to be careful in choosing a sex toy for your lady. It is advisable to check first the product to know its manufacturer and safety.


Now, to make things easier and more convenient, here are the top selling and quality vibrators for women laid out for you by SimpliPleasure.


  1. Sex and the city rabbit habit vibrator.

This rabbit vibrator is one of the best kind you can get. It features a bunny shaped clitoral stimulator with rotating beads to help in increasing the pleasurable feeling. This vibrator is a powerful one that can stimulate your woman's G-spot for high orgasmic sensations. Plus, it is easy to control! The device measures around 9.25 inches in length, 5 inches insertable length, a girth of five inches and 1.5 inches width at the largest point.


  1. LELO Lily Luxury Rechargeable clitoral vibrator.

This handy clitoral stimulator is a good choice for your unexpected escapades with your partner. This high-quality clitoral vibrator can fit perfectly in your hands and produces a smooth and luxurious feel to users. The device lasts up to 7 hours so you can have the best experience with this device. The LELO lily clit vibrator is flexible, has multi-speed control and offers multi-function.


  1. Horny Honey Spotlight Play Multi-speed clitoral vibrator for couples.

This device is perfect for couples wishing for an unforgettable night. The Horny Honey can do intense clitoral stimulation and offers maximum vibrations. Moreover, if you want to be more playful, the device has a LED light tip which looks sexy in the dark. It is also a waterproof tool, so you can have action whether in places with water around.


Give your partner a one of kind sexual experience. Use Simpli Pleasure's high-quality and safe vibrators right now! Furthermore, you can get additional freebies when you decide to deal with them. If you want to know more about different sex toys, this site is the number one place to go.

Visit Simpli Pleasure to learn more of a wider selection of top seller sex toys and devices for couples.

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