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When we speak about hair thinning and hair loss, we can just imagine the stress, frustration and embarrassment that come with it. There are a lot of people who experience these conditions and it is quite common. Now, the question is, why does this happen? If you feel like you are experiencing this or fear that someday you will experience these hair issues, here are the reasons why it happens. You just have to figure out how to prevent it from happening.


  • Androgenic Alopecia.

This is a common occurrence and is also known as the male pattern hair loss and female pattern hair loss. This is something that you get from family, which means it is hereditary.


There are a lot of tests that can tell you if you carry a certain gene that carries this condition. It is caused by DHT, a hormone which attacks the hair follicle making process, thus, making hair thinner and weaker. Sometimes, this can also cause permanent hair loss which means, when hair falls out, there will be no regrowth. But do not worry too much as there are some treatments created to address this problem.


  • Medical conditions.

Autoimmune disorders are the usual cause for hair loss. The reason for this is because the immune system mistakes and gets confused on what to attack and in the end; it ends up attacking some parts of the body. One of which is the hair, thereby causing hair loss. Some other problems include hormonal imbalances, thyroid problems, diabetes and more. o Psychological conditions. A person who is depressed and anxious will also experience this as a part of the condition. Medication that treats bipolar disorder and others can also cause the hair to thin. o Stress. When the body is in too much stress, hair loss and thinning is triggered. And if stress in the form of chemical, intense heat or hairstyles is done to the hair, it can also start its occurrence. There are a lot of possible reasons why this happens. Those who are currently experiencing it surely want to have a fast hair growth. Thanks to hair care shampoo and a whole lot of other products, they can safely and effectively bring back natural and thicker hair. However, not all the products advertised are proven to work and deliver excellent results. Some of them may not be effective, or worse, some may even cause further damage and problems. If you are not experiencing this or have not experienced this at all, you can opt to use shampoo for hair loss prevention as this can help avoid these problematic conditions. Having beautiful, luscious and vitalized hair adds up to a person's overall appearance. So why go for products that are not proven to create amazing results? You can check out comments, feedbacks, before and after pictures of previous clients to find out if the product works well. You can also ask about the length of treatment required so you can have an idea of how it will go for you too.

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