Hey, I'm Santana!

Milwaukee, Wisconsin

Hi All, 


I'm Santana Coleman. A wife, mother, and filmmaker. 

I am the Co-Producer of a documentary, When Claude Got Shot, that explores gun violence and the affect of has on 3 families during a tragic weekend in Milwaukee WI. 


I am also the director of Black Girl Training, which I'm sure you've already read about and loved :). I am so excited to connect with you all, learn about your films, and update you on every step of Emily's real life BGT! 

My Projects

Projects I'm Supporting

Ghost Poachers

Foster • Horror

A team of paranormal investigators takes on more than they bargained for when they look into an infamous haunt in a small Rhode Island town.

29 days left



New Orleans • Comedy, Drama

Each consumed with indecision, two women help each other find some sort of clarity in a brief chance meeting.

19 days left


Passion & Progress

Lakeland • Documentary

When people of color set out an ambitious goal to reach their highest potential, only to be faced with societal barriers.

16 days left



Los Angeles • Documentary

Transgender entertainer/activist Blossom C. Brown finds answers to her troubled past while aspiring a career in the entertainment industry.

16 days left



Chicago • Drama, Family

An orphaned girl struggles to find answers to the old adage, “what’s in a name”- is she one mother’s Viktory or another’s Victoria?

16 days left


Sex Is a God Thing

Chicago • Drama, LGBTQ

After their father's death, two queer women of color connect as long lost sisters, and together struggle with their identity & spirituality.

16 days left



Atlanta • Drama, Satire

A suicidal influencer opens up about mental illness. An experiment promising a public suicide in exchange for more followers backfires.

16 days left


Black Girl Training

Milwaukee • Comedy, Shorts Program

When a black transracial adoptee is meeting her biological family, there's only one way to prepare her; a black girl training.

16 days left


(them feels)

Detroit • Drama, LGBTQ

After being spurned from NYC and forced to move back to her hometown, an underdog photographer is thrust into a journey of self-acceptance a

16 days left


Conversations Centered Around Black Bodies

Chicago • Drama

An honest exploration of intersectionality and race relations in America.

16 days left


Season of the Witches

Luquillo • Crime, Thriller

Three Americans "doing good" in post-hurricane Puerto Rico must decide what to do after killing a local playboy in a botched revenge scheme.

27 days left


Rent Controlled

Los Angeles • Comedy, Shorts Program

The three Torres siblings are priced out of their hometown until an opportunity to achieve the unthinkable - rent control - presents itself.

8 days left


Someone Will Assist You Shortly

Hampton Bays • Drama, LGBTQ

A gay hospice nurse climbs back into the closet to care for his abusive dad and the behaviorally challenging nephew he never knew he had.

23 days left


No More Comics in L.A.

Los Angeles • Comedy


Green Light

Messy The Web Series

New York • Comedy, Romance

A web series about love, marriage, separation, kids, and dating all under one happy roof! I swear this will not make you cry!

Green Light

Spot: A True Period Piece

New York • Comedy, Shorts Program

Spot is a short film about a group of women who are fed up with being shamed for their periods and fight back for change in their law firm!

Green Light

What Daphne Saw

Los Angeles • Sci-Fi, Thriller

In the future, criminals are reprogrammed into silent, unquestioning servants.

Green Light

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