Hey, I'm Viktoria-Isabella!

New York, New York

Hey! I'm Viktoria I.V. King and I'm a proud Film Fatale Member. 


Viktoria I.V. King is a multi-ethnic, award-winning British-American Director, Producer, Writer and Photographer. Having produced and directed content ( Theatre, Commercials, & Film) both in the UK and the US. She's had her work featured in muliple publications and film festivals throughout the country.  Her feature film, Gray's Disconnect (new title) had it's world premiere at Melbourne International Film Festival. She's also a former dancer and a classically trained actress which rounds out her versatility in the arts. She's the Creative Director and Executive Producer at CYNE 59 Productions (cyne59.weebly.com). She believes in quality over quantity. 


She is also the creator/writer of the award-winning comedic series "FML" (F**k MY Life) Series. that has distribution with REVRY.https://revry.vhx.tv/fml




My Projects

Projects I'm Supporting

Forget Me Nots

Los Angeles • Drama, Thriller

In the wake of their parents' untimely death, twin brother & sister must reevaluate their relationship, or risk losing one another forever.

Green Light

Tell My Family I Love Them

Kansas City • Drama, Comedy

A high school athlete must confront his immature ways and tense relationships in the midst of an untimely family tragedy.

Green Light

Like Love

Boise • Romantic Comedy

An anti-rom-com about a girl who just wants a friend, and the boy who falls for her instead.

Green Light

Sinked Up

Los Angeles • Comedy, LGBTQ

Two women started as roommates. Then they fell in love. A story told from behind the bathroom door.

Green Light

The Talk

New York • Drama

When is it too soon to tell a child the truth?

Green Light

What Daphne Saw

Los Angeles • Sci-Fi, Thriller

In the future, criminals are reprogrammed into silent, unquestioning servants.

Green Light

The BLDG: Five Stories of Horror

New York • Horror, Other

Five chilling stories set in the same creepy NYC building, where dark forces bring about the manifestation of its residents' worst fears.

Green Light


New York • Horror

A young black man in Brooklyn must prove his new white neighbors are emissaries from the Satanic cult they both survived as children.

Green Light


Whitefish • Horror, Thriller

A woman with crippling social anxiety is cursed; she cannot be alone for more than 2 minutes and 17 seconds or "They" will come for her.

Green Light


New York • Horror, Mystery

Four stories of four women who each encounter supernatural events that shatter their personal perceptions of reality.

Green Light

Locked Alone

New York • Thriller, Drama

Catherine, unwillingly locked in her new apartment, discovers hidden crimes behind an evil entity. Will she have any chances to survive?

Green Light

New Recruits

Fremont • Comedy, LGBTQ

New Recruits is a military satire about why young men and women choose to serve in the Army and the headstrong leadership that prepares th

Green Light


Milwaukee • Drama, Thriller

While a former paramedic lives a low-key life to cope with PTSD, her new roommate has other plans, and a vendetta against medical personnel.

Green Light

Speak Easy, B

Los Angeles • LGBTQ, Experimental

Take a tender journey inside the desert of the mind, as B meditates on heartache, depression, and identity as a queer Asian woman.

Green Light

Passive Aggressive Dads

Blue Hill • Comedy

Two dads try to spend a nice day at the park with their daughters and end up avenging their life's failures upon a group of obnoxious teens.

Green Light

People Like You

Los Angeles • Drama, Thriller

The heir to a fortune returns to his family estate to find a corpse, a beautiful woman, and the keys to an empire that hangs in the balance.

Green Light


New York • Drama, Family

Zoe overcomes her unusual attachment to a blanket with her foster mom's creative use of comic books.

Green Light

The Forgotten

Los Angeles • Drama, Western

In the Old West, two women must defy the bigotry of their time to save an innocent life.

Green Light


New York • Comedy, Drama

A racially mixed , outspoken actress in New York City constantly being told ‘no’ and offering herself a 'yes'

Green Light

Pineapple 菠蘿

Hong Kong • Teen, Drama

In Hong Kong, a group of teenagers struggle for cultural validation while planning a fashion show at their international high school.

Green Light

Park Slope Moms

New York • Comedy

A high-powered attorney turned 'stay-at-home' mom regains power as PTA President, but ruling with an iron fist sparks a coup.

Green Light

The Naturals

Boston • Crime, LGBTQ

The daughter of a Boston hitman is drawn into the family business after he dies.

Green Light

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