Cinequest, Victoria Texas Independent Film Festival

Director's statement

Director's Statement

Bite Me is a love song to the unsung weirdos of our generation.

 I approach filmmaking as a visceral, sensory experience, and with vampires, romance, comedy, and elements of drama all moving at the same time, Bite Me takes you on a fun ride through what it's like when two misfits, on opposite ends of the social spectrum, fall in love. Bite Me gives audiences an opportunity to release their armor, set aside their judgments, and let love and laughter lead the way. It teaches us that as much as we think we're different from one another, we're all really just after the same things, to be loved and accepted for who we really are.


"...director Meredith Edwards works with a subtlety that lets the story unfold in such a genuine way that you can’t help but root for Sarah and James. Star and screenwriter Naomi McDougall Jones shares a ton of the credit for a film which I can only hope that finds a wider audience in the future, as this is a gem that deserves to be found."

Fanboy Planet

"It's funny and colorful, and in the end has a totally sincere message about how nobody is too special for ordinary, run-of-the-mill love."

Jason Watches Movies

"The film’s Cinequest premiere will be preceded by a Vampire Crawl around downtown San Jose. The filmmakers will also use the occasion to announce their “Joyful Vampire Tour,” a three-month cross-country trek to screen “Bite Me” at dozens of independent movie theaters. Documentary filmmaker Kiwi Callahan will be joining the tour to make a weekly docu-series that will be posted on YouTube."

Mercury News

"I was acting on Boardwalk Empire in 2011 when I got to chatting with one of the extras on set who, over the course of a 16-hour set day, eventually confided in me that she was a vampire. Being a writer and a connoisseur of the stranger corners of humanity, I leaned forward and said, “Tell me everything.”

We Are Moving Stories

"[Naomi McDougall Jones'] approach to filmmaking, acting, and breaking down gender barriers is with equal passion."

Aspen Sojourner

"I have this memory that still guts me when I think about it today. I’m sitting in a movie theater as a middle-schooler and watching “The Princess Diaries.” I’m not sure if you remember that film, but at the beginning, the central character played by a young Anne Hathaway is supposed to be a mega-nerd. To indicate the depths of her social pariah-hood, they made Anne wear glasses and frizzed her hair out a bit. But, if you’ve ever seen Anne Hathaway, you can probably imagine that, even in this state, she still, you know, looked like Anne Hathaway. So I’m sitting in this movie theater utterly shattered, bulldozed – if that, I thought is a mega-nerd, then what am I? I’m not even on the charts."


"Harry Potter actor Christian Coulson is set to star in the indie romance comedy Bite Me, along with Naomi McDougall Jones, (Imagine I’m Beautiful), Naomi Grossman (American Horror Story), and Annie Golden (Orange is the New Black)."


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Cinequest, Victoria Texas Independent Film Festival

It’s 2018 in New York City and 29-year-old Sarah wears her self-made freak status like armor. With her blue hair and facial tattoo, Sarah is part of a real-life vampire fringe subculture whose members believe they need to drink human blood to stay healthy. Uptown, James, an Englishman, works as an IRS agent and spends his life worrying that people won’t like him if he reveals any form of personality. Between his soul-crushing job and his controlling colleague and roommate, James exists in a constant state of lonely, low-key desperation. When Sarah gets audited, due to a judgmental media shit storm, brought on by her ex-husband’s ridiculous appearance on a reality TV show, our heroes’ stories intersect. Although James initially rules against the vampires, Sarah eventually manages to insult and threaten him into giving their case a closer review and James enters, with keenly growing fascination, in the deeply bizarre world of real-life vampires. James and Sarah soon feel the spark of an unlikely attraction and shakily embark on a romance that slowly reveals in each of them a surprising and raw sense of trust and connection. But as the pressures of their so-different worlds begin to crash in on their burgeoning optimism, as Sarah wrestles with loyalty to her community, as James watches Sarah actually drink blood, and as the clock ticks on the impending IRS ruling, the two are forced to confront whether they have the faith necessary to commit the radical, terrifying act of falling in love.



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